02 July 2014 - CYCLEWight

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02 July 2014

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 2 July 2014
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Val Lawson (VGL), George Wilks (GW).
Apologies: Colin Boon, Alex Lawson,
1. Road Safety:
Tracey Webb will bid for PCC money for a campaign to raise awareness of cyclists on the road.
The LSTF2 bid includes £30k for cycle road safety.
A cyclist who was knocked off by a bus contacted the police but nothing was done as he was not injured.
Previously a cyclist was knocked off and injured by a caravan which did not stop.
TT will meet Sergeant Dave Sanderson to discuss the road safety issue, and has spoken to County
Press regarding a road safety article.
Contact Tracey Webb & CTC area reps: ****VGL****
2. Area Action Plan:
The link is www.iwight.com/aap & the consultation deadline is 7 July at noon.
We need to push for bus & cycle routes & cycle & pedestrian routes. See questions 27, 28, 35 in Medina
Valley Development Plan.
3. Bikers Breakfast:
Cycle Festival www.isleofwightcyclingfestival.co.uk with 60 events from 13 to 28 September. The launch
day is on Saturday 13 September, with the Carbon Cycle Celebration in St James Square from 11 am,
and the Cycling Cinema at Seaclose Park at 7pm.
Bikers Breakfast is on Wednesday 17 September at County Hall car park Quay St / Sea St. Camper-van
needed. Val's gazebo. Write to possible sponsors.
The program is http://www.sunseaandcycling.com/Files/Documents/IWCF2014-programme-web.pdf
4. Gunville Greenway:
A route from the centre of Newport to Gunville on the edge has been researched and promoted by Gian
Giblett, and surveyed by Sustrans. GG & TT are in contact with schools & the recreation ground on the
route. It is hoped to submit planning application soon.
5. AOB:
# A large scheme for solar panels to be erected at Ningwood has been entered for planning approval.
The area includes part of the old Newport to Yarmouth railway route. The Ramblers Association
responded that there should be a 106 clause to fund permissive multi-use of this route. On behalf of
Cyclewight AL has entered support for this, & others including TT have also done so.
# The Wroxall-Shanklin bridleway route is still undergoing a campaign of opposition by some equestrians
on the grounds that the surface obstructs their access. However the BHS has identified surfaces suitable
for multi-use, and the surface will be compliant. We need to contact local residents who would approach
their councillor to point out the benefit to the entire community of the multi-use route.
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