02 Nov 2011 - CYCLEWight

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02 Nov 2011

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 2 November 2011
Present : Tim Thorne, Colin Boon, Steve Goodman, Tanja Rebel, Mike Marlow, Val Lawson
Apologies: Alex Lawson, Hilary Thorpe, Sally Evensen, Andy Newman, Malcolm Ross.
: 1. AGM 2. Cycle Forum 3. LSTF 4. Cycle Festival 5. Mince Pie Ride.
6. AOB
1. AGM
Speakers: to be decided. Andrew Hodgson of Cheverton Farm wants to keep cycle route on his land
open to the public. TT is involved in promoting this scheme, along with Ian Morby off-road access officer
from CTC. It is hoped one or both of these individuals will speak to AGM. Also John Allen, owner of
Wight Cycle Hire, will be asked to speak. He is involved in developing off-road routes in West Wight.
Alan Bennett has taken responsibility for the Cyclewight website, and will put details there for publicity.
The AGM is on Friday 25 November at 730pm at Newport C of E Primary, Hazel Close, off Sylvan Drive,
Newport, PO30 5GD.
VGL will arrange interval refreshments in the entrance. CB will take membership renewals. TT will
arrange the raffle.
2. Cycle Forum
TT asked for views regarding need for change. We need to raise how the Cycle Forum communicates
with the Council. TT will discuss with AN and will contact Councillor Giles.
TT is willing to be re-elected as Chairman of Cyclewight. However this includes Cyclewight and Cycle
Forum positions. Hence consider rotating chairman: raise this at next Cycle Forum.
At the Forum, Highways Department asked for suggestions and priorities for the Sustainable Transport
Fund bid, to be received by Rachael Mills by the end of November.
CB referred to a TV programme about access disputes in the Lake District, and said that pressure
groups did not understand the impartial role of civil servants who are required to work within legislation.
4. Cycle Festival
TT said that money has been allocated for the 2012 event. This would be from 22 to 30 September 2012
(note this revised date as other events already taking place on the 15th). Discussing the recent event, TT
said he had been told by a lady from France on a yellow Brompton about French villages which take part
in cycle festivals. IW villages could be invited to do the same and to have 'themed rides', and he had
suggested this to Claire Critchison.
TT sent articles advertising the festival to London Cycle Campaigner and to the CTC. He added that he
had met many Dutch people cycling on the Island.
5. Mince Pie Ride
The deadline for IW Council Wight Winter Walks has been missed. Consider changing mince pie ride
venue to Bembridge.
6. AOB
Cycle Tracks: MM reported that cutting back and widening has taken place on the track between
Horringford, Merstone and Blackwater. TT had contacted Alex Russell over this.
Local Access Forum: TT had spoken to Alex Russell who said that the council can upgrade a footpath to
CW201111.doc 1 Of 2 5 Nov 11
a bridleway easily unless it is on private land. The Local Access Forum addresses these needs and
Cyclists need to be represented. As PG is no longer able to attend TR will do so and will fill in application
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB): SG agreed to attend the annual open forum on Wednesday
16 November 2011 at Ventnor Botanic Gardens..
http://wightaonb.org.uk/ ***SG***
Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 15 December 2000. 72 Clatterford Rd. 20.00
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