03 April 2013 - CYCLEWight

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03 April 2013

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 3 April 2013
Present : Tim Thorne (TT), Colin Boon (CB), Val Lawson(VGL), Hilary Thorpe(HT),
Apologies Alex Lawson (AL) Mike Marlow (MM)
1. Facebook
'Isle of Wight Cycling' page by Arthur Venables. Need to be a member of Facebook to see it but you do
not have to be a friend to view it
. Used by several groups and individuals already. Has nearly 250
friends. Can deliver notices more quickly than by website or email. Our website will have a link. There is
a Facebook and Twitter page for Cyclewight which we do not use properly.
2. Cowes Sandown 10 year celebration
The 10th anniversary of the Newport to Sandown Cycle route is during National Bike Week. The group
will advertise this. On Sat 22 June we encourage as many people as possible to cycle along the route at
some time during the day. We can use the Cricket Club for car parking by the Shide to Blackwater
section. People can bring a picnic. We can lead a ride to Merstone at approx 14.30. The Cricket Club is
a charity & would look for £50 or so to pay for car parking. We could make a collection to cover some of
the cost.Car Park manned between 10-4
Cricket Club toilets and refreshments available. Gazebos required -(AL& VGL to bring. Any more let Tim
know?) Tim can ask Langbridge Cafe to open and have arranged for an ice cream van to locate at Mike
Marlow's house near Merstone between 2 – 4.
Rides can be arranged from Cowes & Sandown to Merstone. The event would be insured by National
Bike Week – get into programme. Hilary can design publicity card, to be made available at Cowes, Quay
Arts, Cricket Club, Merstone, Horringford, Sandown. People to collect CycleWight stickers as they pass
card issuing points.
3. Road Safety
CTC asked members to email newly elected Police Commissioner to ask to prioritise cycle safety. AL
has done this. The reply on behalf of the Commissioner suggests to contact Safer Neighbourhood Team
http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet, and to look at http://www.saferroadspartnership.co.uk/
Will get this put on CW web site.
HT's poster “Report that Pothole”: Hilary can laminate more and members can take to bike shops.
TT will contact Tracey Webb re some kind of safety event/forum.
Road Haulage on IW to come to Carbon Celebration during Cycle Ferstival with 2 lorries.
Hoping LSTF fund will sponsor Cycling Cinema during festival.
4. Cycle Forum
This took place on 7 February.
Cycle Safety could be the theme for the next meeting. Road hauliers have offered to come. No police
representative has attended for some time although on the invitation list . Will make a personal
approach. Speak to Tracey Webb about this.
Shalfleet traffic lights sensors: TT notes still not possible to cycle through the single lane section before
lights change. It is worse when cycling from Newport end. The council did acknowledge this inadequacy.
TT to contact PFI.
POST MEETING NOTE Date of next Cycle Forum : Thursday 13 June 1800 at IW Fire & Rescue.
5. Yarmouth Station planning application
There is a planning application to develop Yarmouth station so as to provide a café and cycle hire outlet.
The developer will renovate the building which will also include garages and a bird hide. Wight Cycle
CW20130403 2 Of 2
Hire, which is nearby, will run the hire business. There are some local objections although Yarmouth
Society is in favour. Cyclewight will enter comments in favour. TT has emailed asking individuals to
support. AL will write in support on behalf of Cyclewight. Ref TCP/07425/F P/00167/13 (by 5-4-13)
6. West Wight
West Wight Marketing is a group of West Wight businesses who have supported the Ramblers by
making a donation to the group. They are prepared to give money to Cyclewight next year, for use with
respect to West Wight cycling activities. TT suggests that the path between End of Line café and
Freshwater Bay is overgrown and could be cleared and improved for joint use. It was pointed out that
Cyclewight are not a charity to receive the money, unike the Ramblers.
7. AOB
AL has applied to become a member of the Local Access Forum.
Sustrans' Nick Farthing is preparing routes & costing for the Gunville Greenway. TT & AL to
discuss fund-raising with AN/Wayfarers.
NEXT MEETING: Cyclewight committee 72 Clatterford Road. Tba.
Submission to Planning committee re. Yarmouth Station.
As secretary of Cyclewight I wish to give our support to the proposal to develop Yarmouth Station as a
cycle hire outlet and cafe on the following planning grounds.
# The facility would create employment directly at the location as well as indirectly by attracting visitors to
the Island.
# Tourism and particularly eco-tourism would be supported.
# Repair and re-use in a transport role in sympathy with the surroundings would be preferable to
replacing it with yet another modern house.
# The adjacent track bed is in use as a cycle track which may one day form part of a National Cycle
Network route 22. Use as a cycle hire outlet would therefore optimise the potential of the site as could no
other use.
# Yarmouth Station is part of the Islands history and maintaining the building in good condition while
putting it to active use in a transport role would be the best possible outcome to recognise this.
# Promotion of cycling as an alternative to motoring goes without saying.
Alex Lawson, Secretary, for Cyclewight.


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