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03 Nov 2010

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Isle of Wight Cycle Forum Minutes
03 November 2010 @ 6pm
Innovations Centre, St Cross Business Park, Newport.
Tim Thorne (TT) Cyclewight
John Allen (JA) Wight Cycle
Gavin Sullivan (GS) Wight Cycle
Janet Carty (JC) Bembridge Wheelers
Farnam Carty (FC) Bembridge Wheelers
Will Ainslie (WA) Cycle Challenge & Cyclewight
Councillor John Hobart IWC (Countryside Access)
Steve Goodman (SG) Sustrans Ranger
Sue Cracknell (SC) IW Council Cycling Officer
Martin Gibson (MG) Natural Enterprise
Louise Gray (LG) IW NHS Health Promotion
Andy Newman (AN) CTC Right to Right IW representative &
Wayfarer Cycle Touring Club
Hilary Thorpe (HT) Cyclewight
Alex Lawson (AL) Cyclewight & Wayfarers
Valerie Lawson (VGL) Cyclewight & Wayfarers
Margaret Hopkinson-Woolley (MH) Cyclewight & Bembridge Wheelers
Alexander Hopkinson-Woolley (AH) Cyclewight & Bembridge Wheelers
1. Minutes of last meeting
These were reviewed & accepted. Funding is being reviewed with Council (see below). TT has made
contact with Simon Richardson who is the police officer who investigates accidents, regarding the
incident in Sandy Lane: review its status as a quiet lane at future forum.
Action: TT
2. Matters Arising: Brading Green Town day
The Brading to St Helens route options were shown on Highways Department plans on display at
Brading Station & at the Town Hall on 25 September. Nick Farthing of Sustrans & Martin Gibson were on
hand to explain the options, and the public were asked for their views and preferences. MG has collated
the responses and passed to Cathy Mills of Brading Town Council. Comments were overwhelmingly in
support. Preparation of details by the Town Council is the next step.
AN asked if the route would connect to an existing route parallel with the Bembridge Harbour road. In
reply SC & MG said this was not possible at present: however with the co-operation of the water
company the route would avoid Carpenters Road which is de-restricted. Also by improving the route now
it would be possible add further links in the future.
JC& FC confirmed the benefits of the scheme as proposed. They asked if funds were allocated, and
what Bembridge Wheelers should do to push things forward. SC said funds are not allocated at present.
MG said they should wait until Brading Town Council have adopted & detailed the plans. It can then be
determined where to apply for money. It may be that bodies with charitable status can access money
which is not available to local authorities.
A.Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.net
T.Thorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
A.Newman (Wayfarers) ANewman850@aol.com 2010-11-03_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 1
3. Cycle Challenge
Louise Gray IWNHS Health Improvement physical activity lead reported on the Wight Wheels Cycle
Challenge held for three weeks in July to encourage new & lapsed cyclists. During this period with the
encouragement of 52 employers, 732 people cycled 42641 miles during 5063 trips. Of these 137 were
rookie cyclists. Will Ainslie was employed for a short time to make the approach to employers, and there
were incentives provided such as theatre tickets. The IW was deemed the most successful of the six
areas awarded DoH funding for the scheme.
LG has briefed the Island Strategic Partnership on the success of the scheme, and on other initiatives
including Bikeability. LG circulated an invitation to the post-event celebration at 630pm on Wednesday
10 November at St Mary's Hospital Education Centre.
WA announced that the 2011 Cycle Challenge will be from Saturday 7 May for three weeks. He will be
looking for new ideas for next year's challenge.
Action: Diaries
4. Forum future
There is a proposal to restructure the IW Cycle Forum. SC & LG explained that it would report to the
Island Strategic Partnership. The agenda of this body includes # Health # Infrastructure # Eco-Island #
Sustainability. The body is made up of local authority, businesses & Chamber of Commerce, NHS,
transport bodies etc. Funding streams in future may be available to local enterprises rather than the local
authority. For example health improvement funding could be applied via Cycle Forum initiatives. These
organisational changes are work in progress, and a white paper in December is awaited by the staff
SC informed the meeting that she will leave her post as Cycling Officer by Christmas. Her post may not
be directly replaced: however someone will be necessary to drive cycle provision forward as part of a
wider brief to include sustainability.
AN said he had seen DoT info suggesting that funding would only be available to local authority, and
asked if this was the case. SC said a definitive answer must come from higher up, and suggested the
Forum needs to address its questions to Peter Hayward.
MG said that in the new system it will be necessary for a group such as the Forum to take the initiative
and to approach the Council from a position of strength, with schemes filling needs having public
support. SC pointed to the need for a mindset of partnership with the local authority whose role is that of
statutory body.
JH said that the local authority planning function has to take on cycling needs early In its process. There
is a need for liaison with cycling groups who know their needs.
MHW said there has been little mention of tourism in all this.
5. Tourism - The contribution of cycling
John Allen is the owner of Wight Cycle Hire, which is based in Yarmouth close to the ferry terminal. They
were formed 5 years ago with 10 bikes and now have 100 units including child's bikes & trailers.
Business is all year round and brings new visitors to the Island. Many of their customers are charity
groups riding round the Island. Cyclists need good surfaces, safe and family friendly routes and suitable
cafés or pubs. Wight Cycle prepare their own routes, including the Tennyson Trail as off-road riding.
There is no family friendly route to the Needles as both roads are narrow & twisting. He regrets that
plans to develop off or on road routes from Newport to West Wight appear to have been shelved.
Access to Brighstone Forest is not allowed. West Wight Landscape Partnership have funds available for
suitable schemes. AONB would encourage access. Everyone should work together to develop the
countryside amenities. There many possibilities where existing cycle routes could be linked by short
sections, e.g. from Brading to the round the Island route at Adgestone.
A.Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.net
T.Thorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
A.Newman (Wayfarers) ANewman850@aol.com 2010-11-03_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 2
SC asked if they talk to Wightlink. JA said they do this. SC also said that Alex Russell in IWC Rights of
Way has some good ideas for links and improvements.
GS said the Council 'Orange Book' is useful purchase for visitors. He said an off-road trail centre in
Parkhurst Forest could provide a very beneficial asset. JH said the Forestry Commission have a
department which deals with leisure activities. However they are tenants on the Island, and he can
identify the landowners. There is a new Island based manager. MG said that the Forestry Commission
does not make a profit from timber on the Island so it is looking for ways to raise revenue.
WA asked if there was any market research into cycle tourism on the Island. Answers: there is feedback
from cycle festival participants, and automatic counting at certain places on cycle tracks.
MG said he does not know how many cyclists use the Sunshine Trail. He said there is a lack of
resources to collect such information which could be used to develop cycling infrastructure.
LG said that more Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) within the work place could bring in people with useful
AN said Cyclewight could & should fulfil the role to provide funds & promote cycling schemes. TT said
that everyone is welcome at the Cyclewight AGM on Friday 26 November at 730pm at Newport C of E
Primary School.
Action: Diaries
SC drew attention to schemes promoted by the Ramblers Association & the Horse Society.
WA said the Coast to Coast cycle route in the north has regenerated whole villages.
JA said maps can be produced, funded by adverts & sponsorship. He can contact West Wight
Landscape partnership, who provided funds to the Ramblers for a project to replace stiles by gates.
AN said the Wayfarers' Randonnée could bring 2500 cyclists to the Island next year. He asked if the IW
Council are happy for the event to take place as he has had criticism of its organisation.
MG & SC said research is available that can estimate revenue from a number of visitors. Further surveys
could ascertain percentages of cyclists visiting, staying over, or of local origin.
JH said cycling organisations should be represented on the Countryside Access Forum. AL said we had
been represented by Peter Gould, but we believed that the role of the forum had ended. JH said it was
still very much active and he is happy to make any arrangements to help.
Action: Cyclewight
AH said there is an opportunity at the Brading-St Helens cycle route to provide picnic tables and perhaps
refreshment facilities.
SG said he has moved to Newport recently and observed that visiting cyclists struggle to follow the route
through the town centre due to lack of signs.
6. 106 Money
TT pointed out that this money is there e.g. 4 lots of £25k from the new Waitrose development. He has
attempted to find out who identifies schemes and allocates & monitors funds, but received vague replies
which he is following up.
Action: TT
SC said developers may apply delays to stop short of the stage that triggers the 106 scheme. It may be
better to negotiate for the scheme as part of the development. The Wakes development has £60k ring
fenced for cycling.
MG said this is about the forum getting in early and knowing where cycling links need to be located.
WA said the money can be clawed back by developers if not spent, or may be spent for another
A.Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.net
T.Thorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
A.Newman (Wayfarers) ANewman850@aol.com 2010-11-03_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 3
purpose. He had also found it difficult to get definite information: the process is not at all transparent.
JH said don't forget to approach town and parish councillors for support as they see plans first.
7. IW Council Report
SC showed the Highways plans of the the cross Newport route from Coppins Bridge to Shide. The route
will cross the bottom of the High Street & make use of the wide pavement. It then crosses the traffic
lanes and continues along the riverbank past Matalan. At Shide cyclists will be required to dismount at
the bridge. Some 106 money is available for the remaining 2 years of a 5 year time-scale, and there will
be matched funding. When SC leaves IWC Kevin Burton will be in the loop. The plan will be circulated by
Action: SC to circulate plan
WA asked for further explanation of the 106 money conditions. SC said the developer may sign up to
provide for cycling infrastructure, or merely for sustainable transport infrastructure e.g. a bus shelter. She
suggested we ask local councillors how the money is allocated and how the system works.
Councillor Hobart undertook to do this and will approach the planning department.
Action: JH
MG Suggested that we ask IWC to provide a speaker to make a presentation to the forum. AN & TT
agreed with this.
Action: TT/AN
SC continued her report with regard to the Local Transport Plan which will be out to consultation before
Christmas. It will run from April 2011 for 25 years. Its basis will be the Private Finance Initiative, and it
will be much smaller & more flexible than its predecessor.
Action: all to respond
Maintenance of roads on the Round the Island route is now safeguarded as they are on Highways
inspection lists.
Cycleways including route 22/23 are recorded in the PFI as an asset, as are completed future
developments: this means that the cost of maintenance will be met. It will not meet the cost of other new
development. Note that bridleways and footpaths are not included as PFI assets.
The IW cycle route publication 'Orange book' has not progressed, as the whole of tourism is under
review. The Chamber of Commerce 'own' tourism including publications. Councillor George Brown is
cabinet member responsible. JH added that the forum may contact Councillor Brown as an alternative to
Councillor Giles.
Asked about distribution of publications SC said Rosemary's Vineyard now handle this. MG added there
is no distribution mechanism to TICs.
8. Any Other Business
SG suggested that Cycle Week would attract more visitors if it was earlier in the year. SC said she is in
contact with Earl Mountbatten Hospice with the suggestion that they run the cycling festival for their
funds. TT suggested that looking at linking the Wayfarer's Randonnée and the Cycle Challenge as they
nearly run sequentially next year. If the Cycle Festival is threatened this too may 'piggy back' these two
9. Date of next meeting
This was planned for Wednesday 23rd February at 6pm, Innovations Centre, St Cross Business
Park, Newport.
A.Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.net
T.Thorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
A.Newman (Wayfarers) ANewman850@aol.com 2010-11-03_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 4


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