04 Feb 2013 - CYCLEWight

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04 Feb 2013

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 4 Feb 2013

Present : Tim Thorne (TT), Steve Goodman(SG ) Steve Archer (SA) Tanja Rebel(TR), Hilary Thorpe(HT), Andy Newman, AN
Apologies, Val Lawson, Alex Lawson, Malcolm Ross   
Cycle Forum
The importance of the meeting with the PFI contractor attending was discussed.  It is an opportunity to develop a relationship with them. It was felt that it was important to highlight the importance of maintaining the cycle ways.
Posters designed by HT regarding the reporting of potholes would be shown at the Forum to discuss how they could be displayed/ promoted.
Celebrations for 10 th anniversary of Cowes to Sandown
Various ideas were discussed. The date set would be Sat 22 June. The idea, which was felt to have the most ability to succeed, was to be based at the Newport Cricket ground it would be possible to access the Cycle Track and allow people to park if they needed. All cycle groups would be asked to attend as part of the event and make the track as busy as possible, There was a possibility of maybe asking the ice cream van to go to Merstone to be a target for people aim for. TT to investigate feasibility.
TT said that there were plans for a café to be opened at Alverstone though this may be too early for them to be up and running.
A theme of fancy dress was also discussed.
3. Cycle Festival
There was a discussion about organising a Cycling cinema during the Cycle Festival. Information sheets were circulated. (see attached sheets) It was felt that it was worth investigating further.  (Since the meeting there has been an indication for support from the Cycle Festival Organisers and the LSTF fund. A meeting by interested parties has been arranged,)

Report on Mince Pie Ride. Only 11 people attended. The ride itself was fine. Disappointing numbers? No real idea why. Next year, Shanklin to Wroxall along upgraded track?
Progress on E Cowes to Newport route. It was not known at the time of the meeting. (At the Forum information was forthcoming and was very positive, with the usual caveats about land ownership, though these were not seen as insurmountable.)
The group was asked if they wished to attend a Sustainable Living event at E Cowes 24 March. It was felt that we should further investigate this. (Since the meeting we have been informed it will cost £20 to have pitch. Whether the event is a success or not we have been promised a pitch outside Waitrose, which must have some advantage)


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