04 Sept 2014 - CYCLEWight

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04 Sept 2014

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 4 September 2014
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Val Lawson (VGL), Alex Lawson (AL). Meeting held in Travellers Joy.
1. Isle of Wight Cycling Festival:
Bikers Breakfast Wednesday 17 September: Motor-home sought for support.
Gazebo could be used. Contact JP re Wayfarers gazebo. **TT **
Gas Cooker: Mike Marla has offered. Croissants, granary rolls, juice, milk, jam, paper cups, napkins,
dishes, baskets, knives etc. Morrissons. **TT**
Carbon Cycle Celebration, Saturday 13 September, 11am: Gazebo? Check if needed, otherwise AL&
VGL cycle there. Vehicle to bring stuff there: **TT**
Take leaflets, maps & Newsletter. Print more newsletters: **TT**
2. Mottistone Common National Trust route:
On Sunday 14 September at 11am we have been asked to show a cycling presence at the grand
opening of a multi use route constructed by the National Trust on the Mottistone estate. The footpath on
their land has been upgraded and the Equestrian Society has paid for suitable gates on the track. For a
Press/photo opportunity it is wished to show the availability to other types of users. VGL & AL will go.
3. Cycle Forum 21 October 6pm:
This date has been fixed for the next Cycle Forum at IW Fire and Rescue HQ. Invitations & Agenda to be
circulated asap: **AL**.
4. CTC Letter:
VGL has approached Cycle Touring Club councillors to ask for advice about Road Safety, arising from
the Cycle Forum.
5. Cyclewight AGM:
Decided to hold this on Friday 28 November, 715 pm for 730 pm at Newport C of E as before. Cost likely
to be £40-50. VGL to contact Cycle Touring Club councillors to ask someone to speak. ***VGL***
6. Cross Cowes route:
Cowes Town Council newsletter says problems arising from cyclists using the High Street. Police have
been asked to prevent this and have warned four, but say cyclists are unaware it is forbidden due to lack
of signs. Although VGL previously contacted councillors to suggest a cross Cowes route the newsletter
made no mention of this. Cyclist need such provision if they are to be prevented from using the High
Street. However some are riding at excessive speed and something must be done. VGL has followed up
previous contacts to provide her route.
7. AOB:
The Local Access Forum is on 11 September & AL will attend. Forum members have received a copy
of a letter from DEFRA Minister to Local Highway Authority Chief Executives calling for a commitment to
creating a sense of place through cycling and walking, with coherent, connected and attractive
The Quality Transport Partnership is on 16 September & VGL will attend. Agenda includes sustainable
transport and the LSTF bid. “LSTF2” has been successful and covers promotion, cycling to school etc.
We gave our thoughts & support but do not expect to be involved.
Re Gunville Greenway, TT has met with a Yarmouth based charitable trust, looking to support a cycle
route to West Wight. They agree that as a first step the Gunville Greenway route would be worthy of their
support. TT has given them the Cyclewight constitution and has filled in appropriate forms so that
Cyclewight would be approved as a conduit for funds.
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