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08 Feb 2013

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Isle of Wight Cycle Forum Minutes
7 February 2013 @ 6pm
Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service, Newport.
Claire Critchison (CC) IWC Events team
David Gibby (DG) Island Roads
Mervyn Goldring (MG) Road Safety: IWF&R
Steve Goodman (SG) Sustrans & Cyclewight
Alex Lawson (AL) Cyclewight & Wayfarers
Valerie Lawson (VGL) Cyclewight & Wayfarers
James Lloyd (JL) WWGCC & IW MTB Centre
Rachel Mills (RM) IWC : Integrated Transport
Andy Newman (AN) Wayfarers chairman & Cyclewight
Tanja Rebel (TR) Orchards, Cyclewight
Tim Thorne (TT) Cyclewight Chairman
Rebecca Tuck (RT) Island Roads
Martin Tigg (MT) Sustrans Ranger
Mari-Louise White (MW) IWC Events team

1. Introduction
Apologies were received from Tracey Webb, Cllr Edward Giles, Robin Lang, Alexander & Margaret
Hopkinson-Woolley. Mervyn Goldring represented Road Safety for IWF&R who provided the facilities.
2. PFI: Island Roads
Mr David Gibby explained that Island Roads is the Operating Company brand for his company, which
formally agreed its contract with Isle of Wight Council on 26 September 2012. Their responsibility to take
over from IWC Highways Department commences from 1 April 2013, then runs for 25 years until 2018.
There will be an initial period of restoring the core investment in IW roads. DG emphasised that the
contract is all about the layout of roads and cycleways as they exist now, and is designed to improve
conditions, not to amend or improve layout. However they would take on maintenance of a scheme
added to current layout, if that was added via separate funding.
AN asked, were it required to segregate a cycle path on a highway, would it be carried out by Island
Roads? DG responded that there is an inventory of markings, gullies and layouts as they currently exist.
It would be the responsibility of IW Council to consider and approve any such proposals and to
negotiate with Island Roads regarding implementation and maintenance.
Island Roads will be the first point of contact for day to day road support, and will keep a log of all calls
emails, Twitters and Blogs. They will produce annual reports. RM pointed out that IWC Highways
already work through contractors to carry out roadworks. RT added that Highways department which at
present is large will become much smaller as the administrative control passes to Island Roads.
SG said that cyclists were concerned about disruption due to roadworks. AN added a request that any
road closures which might affect the Wayfarers Randonnee would be opened temporarily for the bank
holiday weekend. CC confirmed that the IWC Events team have a system in place to provide a list to
highways authorities, although not commercial or extra events . TR confirmed that Island Roads would
consider requests but they would need to be formally submitted by the IWC.
TR asked what priority will be given to cycleways, including the Newport to Cowes route? DG said there
is a 7 year program shortly to be published to restore roadways, foot-ways and cycleways: the intention
is to do all at the same time. As Island Roads will be responsible for surface maintenance in the future
they intend to carry out the work so that it does not have to be redone. Trees and tree root are part of
this consideration.
TR asked if new cycle routes will be included? RM confirmed that the LSTF will provide new routes
which will become part of the Island Roads remit.
DG confirmed that from Easter Monday dangerous potholes and fallen trees will be the responsibility of
Island Roads from the point of view of maintenance and safety.
AN asked if additional drainage would be required to ensure future integrity of surfaces. DG agrees that
drainage is fundamental. 18 major and 100+ minor schemes had been identified which IWC needs to put
in hand or provide funding to Island Roads.
TT pointed out that Cowes to Newport is a commuter route in constant use, and should be re-opened
within two hours if a problem arose. DG was unable to confirm this and promised to respond after the
SG asked about the track cleansing and bramble removal. DG said he would check if this has been
added to contract.
TR said there had been an accident near Limerstone Farm where the camber of the road led to to a
cyclist 's broken ribs. DG confirmed that a claim against the Highways Authority is a claim against Island
Roads. RM said that a STAT 19 form would prepared after an accident and entered into the government
database: this would normally happen where police are involved or called by the hospital after an injury.
MT said that route 23 (Cowes-Newport) was slippery and the cats eyes were obscured due to fallen
leaves and moss. DG replied that their responsibility was fence to fence on most of highway but was
edge to edge on cycle-paths. However he was not aware of cats eyes issues and would investigate and
get back to TT.
TT undertook to notify private organisations who hold cycling events on the Island that Island Roads are
now responsible. CC added that the IWC Events team will also do their best to avoid disruption.
POST- MEETING NOTE: Island Roads have clarified that they are responsible for the surfaced area and
approximately 1m either side, including cleansing and remedial work if moss is if deemed to make the
route unsafe. When branches or trees fall from outside this boundary then Island Roads will contact
landowner to ask for clearance, and in the event of this not being done will remove and recharge the
landowner. Island Roads will work to ensure cycle routes remain accessible as much as possible.
(message to TT from RT for Island Roads, 25-2-2013).
3. Local Sustainable Transport Fund
Rachel Mills explained that she had been seconded for three months to set-up the LSTF. The budget
was about £2million which terminates after 2.5 years. The bid had been about access for tourists, and
success would be measured by results here, although the wishes of residents were also being
The Alverstone section of the Newport Sandown track was already complete and had coped with recent
downpours apart from one day. TT said the track had cleared rapidly after that flood, and MT confirmed
the work has done to a very high standard. RM added that the section alongside the rugby pitch in
Sandown was also complete.
The Wroxall to Shanklin project has commenced with drainage installation of and tree cutting back.
There are some issues where tree preservation orders are in place. Badgers are the subject of
discussions with Natural England, and the final section at the Wroxall end will be undertaken in June to
minimise disturbance. Following this the entire surface will be dressed with a high quality mix. RM added
that there is small deviation from the original railway track which will entail a small extra cost.
The Newport to East Cowes project was described. On the Seaclose to Folly Lane section the existing
footpath was impassible for most of the year. Some land has been acquired following negotiation with
landowners including Southern Water, and a route was now decided for the first section. A further
section including a board-walk and passing behind the caravan park would be entered for indicative
planning permission in April. There were wildlife issues to be resolved. Overall the planned width was
2.5m or greater, and the surface dressing would be chosen to have some permeability.
SG asked about funding sources. RM said this came from LSTF funding and other council sources.
MT asked about the effect of route change near Lower Hyde on the Shanklin route. RM said expenditure
had been £40k more than expected so far and meant that some schemes could have to be prioritised.
SG asked if funding includes signage as people don’t want to have to keep stopping to consult a map.
RM responded that signage was included as well as paper maps & mobile apps. Signs are already been
provided in Yarmouth.
TT asked about the cycle route in Shanklin involving a contra-flow. RM said this was opposed by the
Ramblers, and would go to the regulatory panel due to loss of parking. Cyclewight ought to be consulted
about such planning schemes.
RM described plans for the Newport to Ryde route. At Park Road to Belmont Bridge Binstead clearance
work was in progress now. The bridge would need work. Some land would also need to be acquired.
There were issues at the golf club, which was an urban footpath, and at Quarr. There would need to be
shared use from Kite Hill to turning by Lakeside Inn, where part of the route would need to be on noncouncil
owned land subject to the owner's agreement. VGL asked if the route would be wide enough on
the Wootton to Fishbourne section. RM replied that 2.5m was the target all the way but part of this
would necessarily be as shared footpath/cycleway marked on the road.
AN asked about maintenance of the bridge at Alverstone. RM said this is included in the NCN route23
RM said that bikes on buses would commence in June on the Island Coaster route, subject to Ministry
approval of the vehicle design. Route 12 passing the Cheverton MTB Centre may be covered.
4. Cycle Festival
Clare Critchison said the 2013 Cycle Festival will be from 14 to 29 September. Mari-Louise White will
deputise for CC who will be on leave. The festival booklet will be published in April.
TT said there is a cycling Cinema “Electric Pedals” which can be hired at a cost of £1500.
5. Cycling Safety
TT noted that Mervyn Goldring had responsibility for Road Safety with IWF&R. MG said there would be
a planning meeting in the coming week.
Posters proclaiming “Report that pothole” to
www.fillthathole.org.uk have been prepared and are being
distributed to bike shops & will be passed round at the Wayfarers meeting in March. AN said that the
CTC who manage the website will be informed of the new Island Roads contact.
6. Wayfarers Randonnee
Andy Newman explained that the clockwise route will be standard in future due to floating bridge
overload when using anti-clockwise direction. The internet will be used to encourage pre-registration with
the aim to cap numbers at current level. Limiting factors are the Wayfarers club membership, the floating
bridge, and Island roads.
7. IW Mountain Bike Centre
James Lord said the IW Mountain Bike Centre (had seen 500 riders last year, including 2 from USA, and
others from Yorkshire, Devon etc. The Cheverton farm owner Andrew Hodgson has arranged for access
to more land so that the route will be extended. It will go round Ferney Bottom and part of forest, but
without crossing footpaths or bridleways so not public access. The centre will re-open on 30 March and
there will be a free introduction day on 8 June. There will be an 8 hour endurance race from 2pm till 10
pm organised by Wight Mountain. On 29 September there will be a 6 hour endurance race: marshals
are required to help with this (contact CC or MW).
Thursday morning trail building has commenced, and volunteers are required to assist. There is a Trail
Centre Guide, and IWC Events will arrange for the centre to be listed.
8. Any Other Business
CC said there would possibly be a Criteria event using Queens Road, Woodvale Road, Princes
Esplanade circuit. TT said any event that raises the profile of cycling is good.
TT said various Island cycling groups have met. There is a hope that there will be more co-operation
between the various teams. They are to meet again in a couple of weeks time.
9. Date of next meeting
Thursday 13 June 2013, 6pm, Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service HQ
A.Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.net
T.Thorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
A.Newman (Wayfarers) ANewman850@aol.com 2013-02-08_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 3


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