09 June 2014 - CYCLEWight

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09 June 2014

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Isle of Wight Cycle Forum Minutes
09 June 2014 @ 6pm
Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service HQ, Newport.
Will Ainslie (WA) IWC LSTF Project Manager
Alec Broome (AB) IWC Sports Unit
Jennine Gardiner (JG) IWC Public Rights of Way Officer
Gian Giblett (GG) Gunville Greenway
Martin Gibson (MG) Natural Enterprise
Daniel James (DJ) WightTrash & 64 Studio
David Kitching (DK) Vectis Roads Cycle Club
Alex Lawson (AL) Cyclewight & Wayfarers
Val Lawson (VGL) Cyclewight & Wayfarers
Tricia Merrifield (TM) IW Bridleways Group & British Horse Soc.
Andy Newman (AN) Wayfarers & CTC
Tom Ransom (TR) Visit Wight Project Manager
Tim Thorne (TT) Cyclewight Chairman
Tracey Webb (TW) Road Safety: IWF&R
Mari-Louise White (MW) IWC Events
1. Introduction
Apologies were received from Councillor Luisa Hillard, Police Sergeant Dave Sanderson, Steve
Goodman, Alexander & Margaret Hopkinson-Woolley, Robin Lang (National Trust) and Island Roads.
2. Local Sustainable Transport Fund
Will Ainslie went through LSTF progress on various routes. Retrospective planning permission had been
granted for the Shanklin-Wroxall surface. The top dressing will be carried out in July by a specialist
contractor. At Brading the short section by Quay Lane has been widened. The track bed section needs
to be properly re-instated after work carried out by Southern Water, and WA is in discussion with them.
On the Wootton to Ryde route, tar mac had been laid on the short section at Fishbourne where there
are houses next to the path. The sensitive area to the east is the responsibility of in English Heritage,
who have agreed on the construction to be used. Work is now under-way for up to 8 weeks & the top
dressing will be carried out by the same specialist contractor. The council is exploring the Ashey Copse
Lane options to upgrade a designated footpath, and are In negotiation with Lakeside Park Hotel in
Wootton to acquire a strip of land to make the pathway there suitable for shared use by pedestrians &
cyclists. It is hoped to commence this section in the autumn. Negotiation is also under-way in the Fairlee
Road area nearer to Newport. It is hoped to commence the Newport to Island Harbour section in August.
The continuation to the Folly depends on talks with 2 more landowners including Medina Park.
AL pointed out that ice forms on the board-walk at Horringford on route 23, and had been discussed
previously. It is the result of water pooling on a concave surface and could be alleviated by drilling a few
drainage holes. Can we ask if this is the responsibility of Island Roads, or if it is an improvement which
the LSTF could fund for the Council. In addition the gate at Horringford has disintegrated and the bridge
near Merston is still partly fenced off.
VGL asked about the real time information element of LSTF projects. WA replied that Southern Vectis
plan to introduce a system to achieve this, and some funding could be provided to them in support.
WA noted that LSTF ends by April 2015, and more capital funding is required to continue routes to East
Cowes, to Ryde and so on. A bid to Solent Economic Partnership for capital funding of £500k matched
by IWC funds has been prepared. His department is also applying for LSTF2 funding which is for
revenue expenditure only.
The Bicycle Island grants scheme has around £300k allocated. Matched funding is provided to private
enterprise proposals: e.g. cycle parking, cycle hire, touring including marketing. About 40 applications
have been received, and so far grants made to Blackman Power Bikes, Wight Wanderers (inc. luggage
transfers), Wight Cycle Hire (inc. tagalongs), Island Cycling Adventures and Cyclewight (Round the
Island maps update & reprint).
GG asked how the delivery would be audited. WA said target dates were written into contracts and
would be monitored.
3. Road Safety
There is a group of Island cyclists who use social media to exchange information about their commutes.
TT knows them as the Strava group which is the app which they use. They have made contact with Tim
on the issue of road safety, and he met them to discuss what can be done to improve things.
TT made a proposal along the lines of a County Press article or supplement followed by a campaign
where cyclists would wear tee-shirts with appropriate slogans. This would need the various different
groups on the Island to co-operate and to organise their members to participate.
TW said this idea arose from her suggestion to wear tee-shirts with slogans such as “ I AM A DAD”. The
IW F&R service has no funds for such purposes, although they could apply to the Police and Crime
Commission (PCC). VGL said a slogan could be “I'M CYCLING TO WORK” as people often did not
realise this. TW responded that they do realise this, on the basis of feedback she receives.
TW said that a plastic bib might be better than a tee-shirt. AB said this would reach people successfully
and could be obtained cheaply. DJ said running groups on the Island could be asked to participate. VGL
said car stickers could be part of the campaign. AB said car clubs could be approached and might be
willing to help.
TR said more impact would arise if a press campaign was run over a month leading to the week on the
streets. MW said the Cycle festival Launch would be a good time for the campaign, which needs to take
place before winter. TW said PCC bidding opens in a couple of weeks and she would pursue an
ACTION to co-ordinate TW, MW & cycling groups
TW said she has received a suggestion to have a reporting system for near miss incidents involving
commercial vehicles with a view to identifying companies with repeat offenders. AL said that she could
talk to Mark Breakey to identify a way forward with such companies. Steve Porter Transport train their
drivers and include a cycle awareness element.
TT said many cyclists are acquiring video cameras to record such incidents. TW asked what can be
done with the resulting footage? TT said footage has been accepted as evidence in some court cases.
4. Island Roads
TT said Island Roads were very busy with preparations for the pop festival and had apologised for nonattendance.
However there were staff changes and it was not clear who the future contact would be.
VGL said that cycle tracks were being cleared of fallen trees after storms. AL added that highway
potholes were not being attended to when reported. AN confirmed that the Wayfarers surveyed the
Randonnée route but very little was done prior to the event.
ACTION Contact Island Roads.
***TT & AL***
TR said many of the white fences & gates at cycle/carriageway junctions were in disrepair. This is an
important issue and should be addressed. See also para 1 above.
ACTION investigate ownership & keep on agenda.
***TT & AL**
5. Visit Wight
Tom Ransom described the promotion for Visit Wight, including prominent billboards on London
Underground stations running over two separate weeks, adverts in the Guardian with editorial content in
a supplement, and further adverts in publications such as Cycling World, Outdoor Fitness and Women’s
http://womenscyclinguk.co.uk/ . There are also advertisements on Meridian TV.
Promotion directly on the island included Taste Isle of Wight Summer Pocket Guide with the Red
Squirrel Trail, etc. Any food outlet meeting six cycle friendly conditions, such as cycle parking close to
the entrance, can be promoted in the official IW eating Out guide as a Taste IW venue. Adgestone
Vinyard, Island First Farm, Dairy Deli (Porchfield), and Coast Bar and Dining Room (Cowes) are
amongst these.
Osborne House have two Pashley bikes available for loan, with help from VisitWight.
TR added that the planned way-marking of the trails will be carried out soon, but for the time being the
Viewranger maps do provide the information. TT noted that the bike hire shops are not aware of this.
6. IW Youth Bike Club
Daniel James presented the scheme for a youth bike club which he had carried through with his son. In
January 2010 funds were made available for outdoor activities and fitness, provided jointly by Health
Promotion (then part of NHS) and by the IWC. The scheme was know as
UP2U. Having “asked the kids”
a bid was placed for BMX training sessions given by a professional BMX rider. This took place at the
West Wight Sports Centre, which provides covered skateboard and cycling facilities and training.
(Sundays, £4/hour tuition).
A video is on YouTube:
DJ noted that they are in search of outdoor facilities, but face a problem with the need to provide
supervision especially in wet or dangerous conditions. TW asked who owned land that they used?
Landowners have ultimate responsibility for injuries despite any disclaimers which may be made. AB
said the IW Mountain Biking centre at Cheverton Farm would be ideal, and he offered to put them in
7. Cycling festival - IWC Events
Mari-Louise White said the events team attended the Outdoor Bike Show in London in February. They
promoted the Cycling Festival which created a lot of interest.
The festival programme is more or less complete, and will go for printing soon. There will be a Carbon
Cycle celebration on the first Saturday as last year.
Alec Broome said the IWC Sports team will liaise with the Wessex Cyclo-Cross League who will have a
stage on the IW for the first time. There will be classes for under-twelves right through to veterans plus a
class for novices.
Dates are Saturday13 September to Sunday 28 September. See
8. Wayfarers Randonnée
Andy Newman said the Wayfarers Randonnée this year had been one of the most successful ever, with
2152 riders. This was due to the hard work of the organising committee. The event is run by volunteers,
entry fees are not charged, and many charities benefit from the fund-raising which takes place.
The IWC provided considerable assistance to overcome the last minute diversion required when the
floating bridge became unavailable. On the other hand the Yarmouth ferry did not run as advertised and
spoiled things for some.
TM asked how long the event had run. AN said it had been going for 30 years.
9. AOB
# Gian Giblett described the proposal known as Gunville Greenway for a multi-use path connecting the
centre of Newport to the countryside at Gunville. There have been with discussions with schools and
other interested bodies on the route, and GG and TT and IW Councillors have been involved. There is to
be a meeting on 24 June at 1200 which will be attended by Sustrans who have helped to survey the
route. Members of the forum are invited to attend.
# On behalf of Robin Lang AL gave his apologies and notified the forum that the National Trust will
proceed to upgrade the footpath on its land at Mottistone for permissive use as bridleway-cyclewayfootpath.
The surface will be constructed with chalk. RL wished to record his thanks to Rights of Way for
the help and contribution of £500 which was received. The Equestrian Society had contributed by paying
for a gate. The route commences at Strawberry Lane, crossing the trust property and continuing as
bridleway onto the downs.
# The Local Access Forum has discussed the CTC document public-footpathsbrf.pdf which advocates
legal changes to provide presumptive access over footpaths. Jennine Gardner from the IWC PROW
department noted their advice that such access could be controversial and unworkable, and could lead
to future Local Authority liability for maintenance costs. Multi-use access is not always appropriate but
the IWC already decides on a case by case basis.
Way/Local-Access-Forum1 http://www.ctc.org.uk/
# LSTF2, Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid: TT explained that the IWC had entered a bid for further
funding. This would be on the basis of 1) the IW economy 2) Employment creation 3) Education. The
funding would provide seed money for suitable schemes rather than for further IWC investment.
# Natural Enterprise would be present at the Royal Isle of Wight County Show on Saturday 28 June.
Martin Gibson stated that this was their first attendance and they planned to be there next year also. It
would be good to promote cycling at the show. There will be temporary access from the cycle track.
http://www.naturalenterprise.co.uk/ http://www.riwas.org.uk/
# For the IWC Sports Unit, AB & TW described the Cycle Club which they run for 11 to 15 year olds.
There are a series of events at the Fairway Sports Centre, Sandown, at Ryde Sports Centre and at
Medina Leisure Centre. As well as teaching road safety the club will develop bike handling and off-road
racing skills.
Booking via 823818 or
sports.unit@iow.gov.uk. See http://www.iwight.com/sportsdirectory/ .
#. Race for All (previously Race for Life) is an event taking place at Medina Leisure Centre on Sunday
17th August.
As part of the event there will be a sports village, where island sports clubs and governing bodies can
show case what they have to offer. It is being offered as an ideal chance to recruit new members and
promote clubs which involve physical activity.
It is completely free, spaces are limited. If someone would like to take part please contact Diane
Woodhouse as soon as possible so that she can pass on details to the promoter. If a club is interested
in doing a demonstration please also indicate that in your reply.
Tel.821000 ext 7970
13. Date of next meeting
TBA …......…... October 2014, 1800, Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service HQ

A.Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.net
T.Thorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
A.Newman (Wayfarers) ANewman850@aol.com 2014-06-09_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 4


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