10 May 2012 - CYCLEWight

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10 May 2012

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 10 May 2012

Present : Tim Thorne, Tanja Rebel, Gian Giblett, Peter Dale, Hilary Thorpe,  Alex Lawson, Mike Marlow, Steve Goodman.  
Apologies: Colin Boon, Andy Newman, Val Lawson.

 Cycling Festival
The festival is from 22 to 30 September 2012. Leaflets have been distributed. Rides have been lined up. TT proposed to arrange a publicity display of cycling related exhibits. This idea came from a Normandy Cycling Festival and photos were passed round. Suggestions where this could be installed were made including Calbourne Classics, Shalfleet, Lizearle, Wightlink. **TT to contact possible hosts**
TR said a ride was planned which would be shared with Incredible Edibles. It was hoped to find more locations for edible plants such as alongside cycle paths. She added that Cyclewight should be involved with the Green Road Show.
Paths for Communities
The Government has announced a scheme called Paths for Communities (P4C), to provide matched funding for paths to be used by cyclists, equestrians, and walkers. Local communities or user groups would need to drive this in co-operation with landowners. Supporting local business by increasing tourism is a priority in allocation of funds.  
Peter Dale from West Wight was aware of previous attempts to put in place a route from Newport to West Wight, and offered to use his contacts with landowners to revive this. Gian Giblett has been involved in cycle route creation before moving to the Island and has been looking at route possibilities on the Island. Both were keen to contribute to the benefits to tourism possible on the Island.
The history seems to be that the IW Council via its then Cycling Officer and along with Sustrans, planned a route based on the old rail route west of Newport. However opposition to the proposals at a public meeting where landowners and interested parties were present brought plans to a halt. Council Officers  have stated to a recent Cycle Forum that they will only commit to schemes which are achievable i.e. where the land is owned by the Council or its use has been agreed (leaving aside funding questions).
Cyclewight priority is for a safe route west of Newport to avoid the danger to cyclists on the existing roads which can be used. The P4C scheme is an opportunity for funding. Following much discussion about possible routes it was agreed to form a sub-committee, to consist of Gian Giblett, Mike Marlow and Alex Lawson and to meet on Thursday 17 May.   ***GG/MM/AL***
The Council Rights of Way Department is responsible for bridleways and footpaths, and holds meetings of its Local Access Forum which meets next on Thursday 7th June. Cyclewight is entitled to send a representative (and has in the past): AL will attend having completed necessary application form. ***TT/AL***
Cycle Forum & QTP
The next Cycle Forum is on Thursday 28 June at 6pm. TT said the previous venue is no longer available. However Newport Fire Station has been offered by Tracey Webb the IW Road Safety Officer (see below). This was agreed to be suitable. ***TT/AL to make further arrangements.***
Further items suggested for the agenda were Cheverton Farm mountain bike trail, Paths for Communities, a talk on Incredible Edibles by Susie Mandell, surfacing of Route 23 through to Sandown, and progress on a route from East Cowes to Osborne & Newport.
The IW Council envisages a consultation structure in which the Quality Transport Partnership   Executive receive input from the Cycle Forum, Freight Group, Public Transport Group and others. There is a meeting on Wednesday 30 May at the Quay Arts Centre. The Committee AGM, at which a new chairman is to be elected, is at 1400. Tim Thorne will represent Cyclewight at future QTPs: however Val Lawson will attend as TT is unable to make this date. At 1500 and open to all is a general meeting with updates on Local Transport Plan, Core Strategy, PFI, LSTF Bid, and Community Bus Scheme.
Senior Road Safety Officer Tracey Webb of the Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service, is in charge of Bikeability which gives on-road cycling instruction to schoolchildren. At present she is arranging training for instructors. Mrs Webb has accepted an invitation to speak to the next Cycle Forum.
Formal Strategy
TT said it had been proposed that Cyclewight adopt a formal strategy, and tabled a specimen from another cycle campaign. HT agreed as it could provide means to achieve targets. AL said the constitution was sufficient formal definition. ***TT to circulate specimen strategy ***
Wayfarers' Randonnee
There were 1684 riders this year. AL said running the Randonnee had been stressful as the possibility of suspension of the Floating Bridge had to be considered. In the event the Council had run it for cycles & pedestrians by making up staff shortages. Lower numbers due to poor weather and the clockwise route this year helped to reduce problems. Next year the event is due to be run anti-clockwise, so at least five hundred cyclists cross in the first couple of hours.
Val Lawson wrote to Councillor Edward Giles to convey appreciation for the floating bridge staff efforts  to cater for the Randonnee and mentioned the possibility of pay reduction. A reply was received from Highways management which said the staff would be censured for raising the matter of pay.
Round the World Cycle Challenge: IW employers are asked to encourage their staff to cycle, especially if they are new cyclists. Participants will be riding on a virtual journey across the globe, and totals will be in contention with other areas. The period is from 11 June until 1 July. Can your company participate or do you know one which will? If so notify Will Ainslie.  **ALL: see link ***
Route 23 signage
: A sign is required opposite Quay Arts, Newport to indicate a left turn (from Cowes) to follow the new cross-town route. ***TT to ask Rachel Mills***
Mince Pie Ride, Thursday 27 December 2012
. Mike Lee has offered to liaise with the Autumn Tints and organise this ride based on Havenstreet. Concerns were raised that the location could be difficult due to ice on roads at this time of year. West Wight was suggested as an alternative.   ***AL to discuss with ML***
6 Hours of Hurt
at Cheverton Farm rescheduled to 9 June. Helpers needed. ***ALL: see link***

NEXT MEETING: Cyclewight 72 Clatterford Road, Wednesday 20 June to be cofirmed.


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