12 Nov 2014 - CYCLEWight

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12 Nov 2014

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 12 November 2014
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Andy Newman(AN), Mike Marlow (MM), Alex Lawson (AL), Steve
Archer (SA), Val Lawson (VGL), George Wilks (GW). Apologies: Colin Boon (CB).

1. Gunville Greenway:
The feasibility study & planning application for Gunville Greenway is to go ahead. The group
now have sufficient funds as it will be supported by Sustrans and the Rattray Trust. Overall
about £8000 budget is envisaged. Cyclewight has been recognised as an appropriate body to
handle funding.
Nick Farthing (NF) of Sustrans and Gian Giblett (GG) will meet soon to discuss the planning
application. GW suggested that the feasibility study should extend to Betty Haunt Lane, while
the planning application need only cover as far as Gunville. GG had met Alan Rowe to specify &
agree design of flyer to be distributed to local residents in Newport, along Hinton Road and
elsewhere. Funds have been made available for this.
Cyclewight will contribute £500 from their reserves to assist towards the cost of planning
permission. This was agreed, subject to endorsement at AGM. ****TT/CB***
AN confirmed that the Wayfarers may provide support via a donation to Cyclewight. He
suggested that their contribution should be for a specific project, such as a West Wight section.
SA said the Wayfarers should show their support for Gunville Greenway. VGL said a West
Wight route would be a non-starter without Gunville Greenway.

2. Cyclewight AGM, Friday 28 November 2014, 730pm:
TT has produced and circulated a newsletter which notifies members of the AGM, to take place
at the Eight Bells, Carisbrooke. The speaker is CTC National Council member Richard
Bates. He will arrive via Porstmouth with a folding bike. AL will forward the emails to TT, who
will make arrangements. ****AL/TT***
Other speakers may be Councillor John Medland and LSTF Manager Will Ainslie.
AN will arrange projector, screen & laptop. *****AN***
Refreshments will be available at the bar. Raffle Prizes are required. ***ALL***
The role of the CTC was discussed: is the IW a black hole? There is no CTC District Association
functioning on the island. However AN as Right to Ride representative receives Hampshire
information which he says is very helpful.
VGL said Cyclewight should have someone to track IWC planning applications. **?**

3. Cycling Delivery Plan:
Quote: “In forming a partnership with government, we would expect local authorities to:
Set a clear and specific vision for their area which outlines how cycling and walking will be increased and 
supported in a defined area over a defined period;
Develop a local walking and cycling delivery plan, supported by their own local partners - such as voluntary 
sector organisations;
Appoint an influential cycling and walking champion locally (be that an elected member, supported by senior 
officer or a key public figure);
 Demonstrate a commitment to door-to-door journeys, and to creating safe cycling and walking provision through
cycle proofing and pedestrian proofing new transport infrastructure and, where relevant, a planned and funded
cycling and walking investment programme;
 Demonstrate that their walking and cycling plans include steps to meet the needs of people from hard to reach
CW20141112.odt 1 Of 2 20/11/14
groups – including disabled people, older people and others - where those needs are different from the needs of
other people.
This Policy Document from the Ministry of Transport has been circulated by Rights of Way
Officer Jennine Gardiner to IW Councillors and Local Access Forum members, and by TT to the
committee. It calls for Local Authorities to submit expressions of interest.
Councillor John Medland has emailed CTC suggesting things that could be done on the Island.
(Cllr Medland may speak at AGM).
The committee discussed who might be appointed as a cycling champion for the Isle of Wight.
This led to discussion about Island Roads who are contracted to maintain pre-existing cycle
tracks on the Island. It was noted that signs were not part of the contract.
TT has emailed Councillor Luisa Hillard to point out that no IW Councillor has attended the last
three Cycle Forums, and that Island Roads also no longer send a representative. Cyclewight
will urge the IWC to participate.

POST-MEETING NOTE: It is reported IWC will submit an expression of its interest.
For a Cycling Delivery Plan to work we think the following must apply:
1) Councillors & Officers to be more attuned to 106 funding attached to planning approvals
2) Island Roads representative to attend Cycle Forum meetings
3) Cyclists, pedestrians and other users to be involved in planning stages of road schemes etc.
The IWC bid for a second phase of Local Sustainable Transport Fund has been approved. It is
entitled It’s all about the Journey- Transforming travel on the Isle of Wight. Funding is
nearly £1million and commencement April 2015. The proposals cover 1. Journeys to school. 2.
Journeys to work. 3. Tourism.
TT noted that the Chamber of Commerce are to be tasked with promoting journeys to work and
Visit Wight to continue with the tourism aspect. TT suggested he will write to the Chamber of
Commerce to find out their plans and to offer Cyclewight support.
=====Next Meeting: AGM =======
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