15 Dec 2011 - CYCLEWight

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15 Dec 2011

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 15 December 2011

CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 15 December 2011
Present : Tim Thorne, Colin Boon, Val Lawson, Alex Lawson, Tanja Rebel,
Apologies: Steve Goodman, Sally Evensen, Mike Marlow.
: 1. Mince Pie Ride. 2. AGM 3. Web site 4. Cowes-Newport 5. Next Year 6. AOB
1. Mince Pie Ride
The Mince Pie Ride will be based at 'Cloisters' the Parish Hall, Bembridge High Street, and will
commence at 11am on 27 December. The Bembridge Wheelers are hosting and organising the ride. TT
will purchase the mince pies & mulled wine, and Mike Marlow will help to prepare.
2. AGM
CB reported that he collected £86 membership fees, £35 for the raffle, and £27 for tea money
donations. It was noted that we may have to find a different venue next year as Mrs Thorne will no longer
be the incumbent deputy headmistress. TT suggested that a donation be made in gratitude for the
provision of the hall and facilities for several past AGMs. This was agreed, and a cheque for £50 is to be
sent to Newport C of E Primary School fund.
The CTC speaker Ian Warby was excellent and well received. On the following day he had visited
mountain biking trails including Cheverton Down, with Andrew Hodgson, and Wight Mountain owner.
The minutes of the AGM are on the Cyclewight web site.
Alan Bennett has updated the www.cyclewight.org.uk web site as demonstrated at the AGM. There are
newsletters, news and meeting reports, and the calendar feature is particularly useful covering
Wayfarers, Autumn Tints, Vectis Roads CC etc. (AL: October 2011 Cycle Forum minutes send to AB for
website and to Forum circulation list, asap)
Highways have commenced maintenance & improvements and the cycletrack is officially closed for
safety reasons from 12 December to 23 December (although VGL has been able to use the track).
Various matters were discussed regarding the cycletrack. Highways say it is officially classed a footpath,
and will erect advisory 10mph speed limit notices. Bad cycling was noted as a problem by TR and VGL.
TR added that some cyclists had excessively bright lights and did not seem to be aware of the difficulty
caused to others. Walkers & dog walkers seem to have improved in general.
Should the edge lighting be extended further than the Dodnor area? Possibly.
Should there be a centre white line to segregate cyclists & walkers? No.
Should Cyclewight hand out flyers to promote good cycling? Yes.
The cross-Newport route 23 section work at Coppins Bridge and Connies's Way is under way. It was
anticipated that there could be some adverse local comment to the latter section.
VGL said that the route to West Wight should be the next priority for the council, with a safe way to get
from the centre of Newport to Coleman’s Lane as the target. TT thought a route could be made via Priory
Road and Gunville Road, possibly to Betty Haunt Lane. AL thought a route from Petticoat Lane towards
Parkhurst Forest then out to Whitehouse Lane should be pursued, as had been investigated by George
Wilks in the past.
5. Cycle Festival
TT said participation was a little down this year, possibly due to poor weather. The 2012 Cycle Festival
would be from 22 to 30 September. For next year he has in mind promotion of the festival by static
Dec 2011.doc 1 Of 2 20 Dec 11
displays of decorated bicycles, as is done in towns in France for their events. He has drafted a letter to
send to parish councils and local companies. TR suggested linking up to Incredible Edibles and the
Orchard movement.
6. AOB
British Cycling: TT has been in touch with Briish Cycling who are working towards training events
possibly in the College car park and cyclo cross events possibly at Robin Hill and Cheverton Farm.
CTC Affiliation: This has in fact lapsed, probably due to the PO's interpretation of the business address
used by the treasurer. This was unintentional and the affiliation will be now be paid.
Cycle Tracks: Sustrans Ranger Tig will be organising cutting back on Sunday mornings on the Cowes-
Newport. A request for assistance will be placed on the website.
Local Access Forum: ***TR***
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB): ***SG***
Cycle Forum: Next meeeting is on Wednesday 22 February at 6pm.


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