18 July 2011 - CYCLEWight

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18 July 2011

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Isle of Wight Cycle Forum Minutes
July 2011 @ 6pm
Centre, St Cross Business Park, Newport.

The meeting was chaired by Tim Thorne. Apologies were received from Councillor Edward Giles, A, V Lawson, M Hopkinson Woolley, A Hopkinson Woolley, Sue Hawley, Louise GrayGoodman.minutes were accepted. Matters arising will be covered in agenda.
Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF)
RM said that the initial expression of interest has now been made with a final application to be made by2012. It will be part of the second tranche of applications. The theme of the Island's bid is:Tourism with an emphasis on cycling and walking. There are to be 4 elements to the bid.
Public Transport hubs
National Cycling Network ? missing links
Rights of Way network
Promotion of the Networkbid to the DoT will be for ?3.9 million over three years with an additional ?1.2 million coming fromsources. As part of the bid it is deemed that 60% will be for revenue items (soft provision) and
% capital ( built/solid provision)have already had their bid accepted so there is good local information available.outline document of the initial expression of interest will be posted on the Island web site in the near
Cross Newport Route
RM announced that work on the route was due to begin immediately. Funding was from 106 moneyto the Wakes development, ?90,000 from Sustrans. There is to be a ?35,000 contingency from theThree maps of different parts of the route were shown a) Blackhouse Quay area, b) County Hallc) Matalan to Shide. Several minor issues are to be resolved such as the colour of the route onpavement. It is hoped to have as much of the route as possible to be adopted as 'highway'. This will
CONTACTS:Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.netThorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.netNewman (Wayfarers) Andrew.Newman@onwight.net 2011-07-18_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 1
mean that maintenance will become the responsibility of the PFI.
Other Council Issues
There have been concerns expressed by the proprietor of the works at the end of Arctic Road thatleaving the track are a danger because of the lorries leaving the yard. The exit is to be reviewed.to make it safer are being considered; removing the cars which park around the exit by theof yellow lines, a 'build out' into the road or a barrier on the slope. TT pointed out the last suggestionmake ascending to the track difficult. He asked if this became the preferred option that CycleWightconsulted to ensure that it was satisfactory for cyclists.said that she would be having an overview on cycling from now on with Kevin Burton having ultimate
Off Road Cycling
Bill Pewsey talked about the recent cycle racing which took place as part of the Island Games. Feedbackcompetitors and officials was positive. There had been two courses for Mountain Biking. This wason land owned by Andrew Hodgson. He has expressed a wish to keep a route(s) open for use bycommunity. Several issues were raised; legal issues, maintenance of the track, marking of the track.contacted Rights of Way who foresaw no problems as the proposed track could be easily accessedthe bridleway. AN has contacted the CTC to see what precedence there is elsewhere in the countrywell as to see if they know what the legal implication would be. TT said there may well be voluntarywho would willing to become involved in the maintenance as it is for the community. MG said thatof the nature of the exercise that Mr Hodgson's present insurance may well cover such aSince the meeting Mr Hodgson is researching this point.
Youth Cycling
IR spoke about provision on the Island. He, at present works, for the Carisbrooke Sports Partnership.have provided a wide range of cycle related activities to schools within their area. Many studentsall ages have taken part in the ?Go Ride' programme which is designed to get children on bikes. Over
staff have been trained to delver the programme. This led to a discussion about encouraging morepeople to participate in cycling as a sport. It was noted that not many of the Isle of Wight cyclein the Island games could be considered as young. None of the Island's Cycle clubs have a youthThere is a ?Go Ride Racing? programme. Some initial enquiries to the area coordinator, Mark, have been made; such an event may well be based at the Isle of Wight College.Sullivan does run a Junior Cycle Club. It was initially launched by the Council and is now runthe guidance of Gavin and several helpers. It is supported by the CTC. It meets once a month forride and some skills development. There are 70 people on the mailing list and approximately 25/30each time. Gavin is keen to see the group expand in numbers and its provision. He would be keenwork with other groups to make this happen.
'Bikeability' is the the programme that has superseded Cycling Proficiency. There are several trainers onIsland and more to be trained in the near future. The main difference in the new programme is it in itsadvanced form it includes 'on' road training. It is at present operating in 14 schools. Theof the schools now means that total is over 40. In light of the future financial restrictions itexpected that it may well no longer be offered as free provision; there is a possible opportunity that itbe led by a social enterprise group working with young people in schools and other communityCarisbrooke Sports Partnership is to close. IR is unsure of his position. The partnership inwill continue but it will be more limited in what it can offer.
CONTACTS:Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.netThorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.netNewman (Wayfarers) Andrew.Newman@onwight.net 2011-07-18_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 2
Any Other Business
CC said the IW Council Cycling Festival would be held from 17-25th September. She said there are 68during the period. Posters were issued and the programme is to follow within the next week.of the Forum are asked to distribute them as widely as possible. Please contact Claire if youlike any promotional materials.said the Wayfarer's Randonnee attracted over 2.000 riders. It had gone well.suggested that next year the Forum should not be held in July or August because of a large numberpeople being on vacation. The pattern should be February, June and October. (TT,AN,AL)
Date of next meeting
Thursday? 13th October at 6pm, Innovations Centre, St Cross Business Park, Newport.
CONTACTS:Lawson (minutes) alec.lawson@virgin.netThorne (Cyclewight) emt.thorne@virgin.net
Newman (Wayfarers) Andrew.Newman@onwight.net 2011-07-18_Cycle_Forum_Minutes Page 3


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