18 Oct 2012 - CYCLEWight

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18 Oct 2012

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 18 October 2012

Present : Steve Archer (SA), Colin Boon (CB), Gian Giblett(GG), Steve Goodman(SG), Alex Lawson (AL), Val Lawson(VGL), Mike Marlow (MM), Andy Newman (AN), Tanja Rebel(TR), Malcolm Ross (MR), Tim Thorne (TT), Hilary Thorpe(HT),.    AGM  
Cyclewight AGM 30 November 2012, 730 pm, Newport C of E Primary School, Hazel Close, PO30 5GD.
No response from those approached to speak.
It was agreed to ask Dan Roberts to talk about Upcycling: his cycle cart has toured as far as Spain and was at the Carbon Cycling launch. SG rang and he agreed to give a presentation.
It was further agreed to ask Tracey Webb, Road Safety officer from IWFRA to speak. ***TT***
Arrangements for refreshments were discussed.
Road Safety,  i) Brook Shute ii) Bardon Vectis
An inquest took place recently regarding the death of cyclist Kathryn Hollis at Brook Shute two years ago. More information is in the minutes of the Cycle Forum. Mark Blanchard, chairman of Vectis Road Cycling Club attended the forum and expressed the degree of upset by the relatives and by his members by the verdict of accidental death, and by the County Press report and headline (on 5 October 2012?) that the Council was not to blame for the condition of the roads. The verdict recorded that a pothole contributed to the accident, and these relatives and friends claim that this defect was reported to the Highways department.
Prior to the Forum meeting Vectis Roads & CTC member Wendy Rust contacted Roger Geffen of CTC to ask for advice on aspects including the reporting of blame by the County Press. She received an extensive reply from Roger Geffen which she passed to AL. This was circulated at the forum and to the committee members attending the present meeting. WR was under the impression that the Cycle Forum was a gathering of cyclists concerned by the outcome of the inquest. AL pointed out that the forum was convened between various bodies including representatives of the Council. Following the meeting TT  contacted the County Press senior reporter. The CP report on the forum (12 October 2012) included input from WR & TT, and TT believes it put less emphasis on blame. He commented that the report does not seem to be on the CP web site. It was noted that the Council had delayed the inquest by nearly a year, and that 3 barristers attended the inquest for the Council.
AN had been in communication with MB & WR in advance of the forum. AN has also received a letter from Rod Warne, who is employed by the IW Council to advice on liability insurance, and attended the inquest. He points out that the role of a Coroner is not to attribute blame but to establish the facts. It is then possible for relatives to bring a civil action for damages in which case blame becomes appropriate. RW wrote to clarify the situation as he is a cyclist himself.  
Discussion then centred on the danger to cyclists arising from potholes. There is a procedure to report highway defects to the IW Council, but there seems to be a lack of information about auditing that process and the timescales when paint is replaced by repair. At the Cycle Forum this issue was raised by TR. However it was felt that the CTC link
http://www.fillthathole.org.uk/  should be recommended and promoted to cyclists on the Island. If possible photographs should be taken.
# Hilary Thorpe to prepare a poster to encourage pothole reporting on the Island via the CTC link.**HT**
# Andy Newman will write to Island cycle groups with the same message.**AN**
# AL will contact Cllr Edward Giles on behalf of Cyclewight ask for a report on the Council procedure to the next Cycle Forum.   **AL**
Also under Road Safety, VGL commended the Bardon Vectis display at the Carbon Cycling event which  showed the drivers blind area in front and at the side of an HGV when at traffic lights. They are prepared to repeat this demonstration in future. The Bardon Vectis driver said they are very much in favour of advanced stop lines at traffic lights. VGL plans to suggest more stop lines to Tracey Webb and to the Council.  
Mince Pie Ride
This will be in West Wight if a suitable hall can be found. Steve Archer is investigating. Date 27 December 2012.
LSTF and other cycle provision
Gunville Greenway multi-use path was discussed. This proposal would provide a safe route into town centre from a dense housing area all the way to Gunville, and would serve several schools in the area. The land is owned by Council or by the schools, and the local councillors are believed to be in favour. Sustrans are ready to prepare detailed specifications for contractor tender. This process would require some funding which could come via bodies such as Cyclewight or the Wayfarers. Certain government grants are available to community bodies but not to local authorities: these grants are expected to be matched by contributions raised from local businesses and community organisations. Individuals present said they would contribute to such a fund. For initial preparation of plans to the point where tenders can be invited the sum of £1500 was mooted, while Sustrans estimate that construction costs run at about £100,000 per kilometre.
The LSTF project was discussed. The plans were envisaged in chunks which could be realised separately. e.g. Newport to Fishbourne, Fishbourne to Ryde. The East Cowes to Newport route looks promising: landowner and environment factors are under consideration. The Alverstone part of route 23 which floods regularly, is to be redone. Environmental factors (water voles) have been resolved. Work will commence on 22 October and may take up to 2 months.
SA had attended the Council launch event. He said that a relatively small proportion is allocated to new walking and cycling facilities and a large proportion to the promotion side. The deadline attached to the government funding is March 2015. Statistics will be gathered about visitors who chose to walk or cycle or use public transport on the Island rather than come with a car. This metric will determine the success of the LSTF scheme.
The National Trust have plans to upgrade footpaths to permissive bridleways at Mottistone and at Tennyson Down. TT said these had been on hold over the summer, but it is very important to write in support to Robin Lang at the National Trust: details on Cyclewight Web site.
Claire Critchison has been in touch to report on Cycling Festival and to thank all those involved in events. Dates are being fixed for next year: probable dates 21-29 September 2013.
The Cycle Forum took place on 10 October & minutes will soon be on the website. .

AGM 30 November 2012, 730 pm, Newport C of E Primary School, Hazel Close, PO30 5GD..
Cyclewight committee 72 Clatterford Road,. Tba.


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