20 June 2012 - CYCLEWight

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20 June 2012

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 20 June 2012
Present : Tim Thorne, Tanja Rebel, Mike Marlow, Steve Goodman, Colin Boon, Steve Archer,
Val Lawson.
Apologies: Hilary Thorpe, Alex Lawson, Andy Newman.
1. National Trust Paths
Cyclewight was contacted by National Trust regarding making two footpaths into bridleways. These
would be permissive routes.
1) Tennyson Memorial to Needles
2) Strawberry Lane to Longstone.
Robin Lang from NT is to talk at next Cycle Forum. These routes are being used already, but are to be
signed & improved. Check that “RADAR gates are to be installed
2. Paths for Communities (P4C)
Government has announced a scheme called Paths for Communities (P4C), to provide matched
funding for multi use paths. Local communities or user groups would need to drive this in co-operation
with landowners. Supporting local business by increasing tourism is a priority in allocation of funds.
However funds are limited and the scheme is already under way. Make contact with a “local Natural
England Grants Officer”.
Tanja said that some routes should remain footpaths only as there are conflicts between walkers, dogs
and cyclists.
The possible routes from Newport to West Wight was discussed.
3. Cycle Festival
Tim will contact Susie Mundell, Incredible Edibles, to link cycling festival with local produce. ***TT*** .
4. QTP & Cycle Forum
Val reported on the Quality Transport Partnership meeting which she attended. There is a new chairman,
David Rogers. The PFI contract was one topic.
The next
Cycle Forum is on Thursday 28 June at 6pm at Newport Fire Station (enter from Pyle Street.
Cycle parking only available.). This is courtesy of Tracey Webb the IW Road Safety Officer who will
herself make a presentation on Bikeability Training.
5. AOB
Tim requested 200 word articles for next Cyclewight Newsletter: urgent, needed in next two weeks.
Tanja asked people to look at www.facebook.com/wrap.medina
for the campaign against the proposed
asphalt plant at West Cowes (next to IW Grain off Artic Road). Bardon Vectis already has an asphalt
plant on the Island.
The IW Council Local Access Forum meeting was held on 7
th June. Alex Lawson had attended by
invitation. The agenda included Rights of Way update, Paths for Communities, IW Bridleway Group and
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
NEXT MEETING: Cyclewight 72 Clatterford Road,. Tba.
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