25 Jan 2012 - CYCLEWight

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25 Jan 2012

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 25 January 2012

Present : Tim Thorne, Steve Goodman, Val Lawson, Mike Marlow, Tanja Rebel,
Apologies: Colin Boon, Alex Lawson, Hilary Thorpe, Sally Evenson

: 1. Pie Ride.  2. 2012 Projects 3. Wight Wheels Challenge    4. News  5. Cycle Festival
6. Youth events  7. AOB

 Mince Pie Ride
The Mince Pie Ride based at 'Cloisters' the Bembridge Parish Hall, took place successfully. Margaret Hopkinson-Woolley made a gift to the lady doing the catering. A profit of £50 was made for Cyclewight. Next year it is hoped to prepare a computer map. Tim will write to Margaret to thank her and the Bembridge Wheelers for the assistance in organisation.  ***TT***
2012 Projects
Newport West:: need to examine all route possibilities, including the new pavement at Gunville & the footpath opposite Argos leading to Betty Haunt Lane.
Wootton route: are improvements possible?
LSTF: The IW Council have bid for sustainable transport funding. A graded bridleway map could be produced: a group would be required to carry out the grading.
IW Cycle Projects List : Wish list as provided to Cycle Forum. See separate document
Web site
www.cyclewight.org.uk :   Advertise this more.   Include more information on transport providers on the Island. This would include list of cycle maps available linked to New Forest,Portsmouth and Southampton to assist people coming to the Island.
There is another organisation who have bought the domain cyclewight.co.uk. There is a section on their web site which informs user to look at ours for information re. Cycling on the Island.
Wight Wheels Challenge
There will be no national funding available but the challenge will be continued this year and will  most likely in  May. Will Ainslie will organise. New ideas are needed to recruit new riders. Suggestions are an electric bike rally, convergence ride to Access Bikes in Lake? Or  St Mary's Hospital, and to GKN. Hold events at Supermarkets. Mike Marlow suggested that experienced cyclists could lead "bike bus" or one to one rides.   TT said there is more time to organise this kind of thing than in previous years.  ` www.wightwheelschallenge.org.uk  
Cycle Nation: committee members are visiting local groups, and a lady from Portsmouth has contacted Tim. Agreed to invite her over, if possible to next Cycle Forum on 22February.
Maintenance work is planned on the Cowes-Newport route by the end of March.  This information is now  in the public domain
There is a proposal to improve the drainage on Route 23 at Sandown by the waterworks. TT has asked for the surface of the track by the bridge on this stretch to be given priority as this is a problem all the time rather than when it is just wet. This proposal is at an early stage.
The Newport section of route 23 is nearing completion. TT pointed out that tree felling in the Shide section was carried out for environmental reasons to improve the health of the river.
Work has begun on building a MTB course at Cheverton Farm. Volunteers needed.
A report is to be commissioned to look at developing MTB facilities on the Island. This will be linked to health. This is not in the public domain yet.
Cycle Festival  
The 2012 Cycle Festival  will be from 22 to 30 September. Clare Critchison is looking for runs leaders. See lt www.sunseaandcycling.com/   
Youth events
British Cycling: Go-Ride Cycle Criterion (time trial) will be in the IW College car park, Newport, on 26 February from 11am-4pm. Young cyclists from 6 to 16 are participating. There will be a further event at Robin Hill on 18 March. Helpers are needed, especially at the start and finish of these events. Please contact Tim. (TT to provide addition to minutes). See lt http://cyclewight.org.uk/cycling-crit.html     
TT to contact the PCT to see what has happened to the hospital survey.
People to write to Bembridge Parish Council to support money being spent on public toliets so they remain open.

Next Meeting
Cycle Forum: Next meeting is on Wednesday 22 February at 6pm.  
Cyclewight Committee: Next meetings
Tuesday 28 th Feb 8pm
Thursday 22 March 8pm.


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