28 Feb 12 - CYCLEWight

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28 Feb 12

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 28 February 2012

Present : Tim Thorne, Steve Goodman, Val Lawson, Mike Marlow, Tanja Rebel, Andy Newman, Colin Boon, Hilary Thorpe, Alan Bennett, Malcolm Ross.
Apologies: Alex Lawson, Sally Evenson

: 1.  List of priorities  for schemes. List attached..  2. Events inc Cycle Festival 3. Web Site    4. Cycle Nation 5.  New members for committee 6. AOB

 Cyclewight Priorities
The list was discussed  to prioritise and review its aims. Colin suggested that it be categorised under on-road. off-road and strategies.  Funding was also discussed.
COASTAL FUND: At the Cycle Forum it was said that bodies representing coastal communities can bid for amounts of £50000 minimum , but there was little time to apply (6 weeks). Bids should be prepared in advance for our wish list as limited time-scales are normal. No matched funding was needed.  The IW council only want to run projects where they own the land. Funding has been provided for cycling from the PUBLIC HEALTH budget, and more could be available.
The consensus was that route 22 should be the priority, if necessary to be completed in smaller chunks.  A route from Stag Lane to Noke Common, Marks Corner, Whitehouse corner was one option. A route from Carisbroke via Poleclose Lane passing  N of Sydenhams & Westwoods Dairy to Colemans Lane was second option. All these at present include footpaths on private land.
Going east from Newport the section from Wotton Bridge to Fishbourne Lane was considered. Andy Newman and Malcolm Ross thought space can be found for a cycle lane alongside the carriageway.
Considering Cowes Birmingham Road contra-flow, this could be made one srface across full width of road, retaining one way for cars (as done on continent.)
Note: Someone is needed to monitor planning applications for cycling implications so that we can respond in good time.
Events including Cycle Festival
The Junior Club Cycle Criterion on 26 February was very successful with 98 children attending, Alan, Mike and George had helped. The next event is the CYCLO-CROSS AT ROBIN HILL ON 18 MARCH. A roped-off route is needed. TT will inform if help needed. British Cycling will visit 6 schools to do training sessions.
The VECTIS ROADS TIME TRIALS event needs marshals from 7am to 10 am on Monday 7 May, starting at the Sun Inn Hulverstone.
The deadline for RUNS LEADERS is 30 March to submit details to Claire Critchison for rides in CYCLE FESTIVAL 22-30 SEPTEMBER 2012. nb Responses from 2011 festival included complaints that Autumn Tints ride was harder than grade published.
The licence for the name is £18 for 2 years, and web hosting is £30 per year. Malcolm Ross reimbursed by treasurer.
Alan Bennett has a copy of the ROUND ISLAND OFF-ROAD ROUTE : to go on web site?
Also a list of TRANSPORT PROVIDERS will be prepared by Alan for the web site.
Also appeal for checkpoint volunteers for the WAYFARERS RANDONNÉE on 6 May.
Also IW Council "Bikes boots & hooves" etiquette leaflet to go on website. (see below).
Cycle Nation
Cycle Nation rep from Portsmouth will visit Island on Thursday 22 March. Meet at TBA. :

Invite Steve Archer from West Wight.
New members needed to represent other parts of the Island.
CYCLING ETIQUETTE 1 Roger Skidmore (Cyclewight member number 1) has written to complain of cyclist whizzing past without alerting pedestrians. Please use bells to give warning.
CYCLING ETIQUETTE 2 Following discussion at Cycle Forum and concerns raised by Highways Department  regarding incidents on Cowes-Newport, it is planned  # for Cyclewight to go out on the route to remind cyclists to give way to pedestrians. # To put video on You Tube. # To put bike & pedestrian signs on surface. # To try dividing Cowes Medham between bikes & pedestrians.
CYCLING ETIQUETTE 3 Bikes boots & hooves to go on website.  
Next Meeting
Cycle Forum: Next meeting is on  Wednesday 20 June ???
Cyclewight Committee: Next meetings  Thursday 22 March 8pm.

WISH LIST in rough order of priorities

Ryde to West Wight route 22:
 Newport West (safe route to Colemans Lane)
 Newport East  (  Wootton to Fishbourne, Quarr section)
E.Cowes to Newport (Medina Estuary project)
Shanklin to Wroxall route upgrade (drain covers, surfacing)
New Brading – Bembridge route
Horringford Wood (dangerous surface gathers water at bend)
Safe routes to school and tourist attractions
Safer roads including 20mph limits in housing estates
Cyclists to be considered in all Highways schemes
Cycle routes in new estates
Cycle routes in parks for younger children
Birmingham Rd contra flow
St Helen's Traffic lights (advance stop line or longer phase from St Helens)
Mountain bike routes
Electric bike charging points
Cycle parking at Red Funnel
Cycle parking
Walking and cycling maps for all towns
Complete list of Transport provides on web site
List of cycle maps available eg New Forest, Portsmouth and Southampton

Circular leisure route in west Wight including Fort Victoria.
(Route Sandown to Wroxall  ?? Sunshine Trail)


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