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Apr 2011

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The EGM took place onFriday 4th March with over 30 people attending. It was agreed to
adopt a constitution. You will find a copy accompanying this newsletter.This was done so
the group can be in the position to support any intiatives that may arise in this new era of
greater community involvement. The constitution was made as simpe as possible to make it
a doucmument that did not constrain the group too much.
There was a good disucssion about the constitution and various new intiatives. At the end of
the evening there was a presentation by Axcess cycles about the electric bikes they sell.
Several members had a trial ride round the car park;it would be fair to report that people
were impressed.


The Council has decided to make a bid for
funds from the Local Sustainable Transport
Fund. This was announced by Central
Government at the turn of the year. Local
councils are invited to bid for projects that
would encourage sustainable transport.
After Officers attended a briefing it has been
decided that the bid is to be based on a
theme of a sustainable tourism with the
central theme of walking and cycling
£560 million have been set aside for
England, excluding London. The funding is
to be spread over 3 years. There are various
restrictions on how the money is spent so it
has been decided to make a bid, which will
not be in excess of £5 million. The bid has to
be spent in two ways; 40% capital (cycle
tracks, footpaths etc) and 60% revenue,
schemes to promote cycling and walking
There are a two overriding criteria that the
bid must to address; a) it will support the
local economy and b) reduce carbon
emissions. More information is on that of the
; there is also a briefer outline on our
web site.
As has now become apparent there is a
large emphasis on involvement of the
community; including groups such as
ourselves but also commercial enterprises.
The phrase matched funding is one that has
become familiar to many who have become
involved in this kind of thing. There is no
figure set by the government but there is an
expectation that if bids are to be successful
that they must demonstrate a commitment
of all kinds of partners in a local community.
At the present the Council has identified 4
strands to the bid:
? Public transport linkages,
? National Cycle Network improvements
? Rights of Way network
? Signage, information, publicity and
The bid itself has two parts to it. A statement
of intent by the beginning of June this year
and a detailed bid by Feb 2012. The
government has indicated that the decisions
will be made quickly so bidders can begin
their work as soon as possible after that
We are asking all members to contact the
committee with any ideas that they may
have. Officers are keen to hear our ideas to
show they are involving the community. The
group has been in contact already with a
range of people over this project making
them aware of its existence and
encouraging them to become involved. We
have also met with the Council on a number
of occasions to learn about the fund and to
demonstrate our commitment to be involved
as much as possible.
Mince Pie Ride
It took place as usual from Alverstone
Village Hall. It was a smaller number this
year due to the cold and miserable weather.
The ride included a bracing stint along
Sandown sea front but of course this made
the mulled and warm mince pies even more


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