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Cowes High Street

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Cowes High Street
A topic of much discussion in some parts of Cowes is cycling in the High Street. CycleWight were invited to attend a meeting at the Council to discuss possible solutions. A representative from Island roads was also there, The Town Council have tried to enforce no cycling in the High Street with the help of the police and by some temporary signs. The police have indicated though it is against the law they do not have the resources to patrol it on a regular basis. It was recognised that much of the irresponsible cycling is people rushing to the ferry This would be difficult to stop though there was an interesting letter in the County Press which suggested cyclists being directed onto the marina and coming out at the Harbour Office, This idea was rebuffed but we think it is worth further consideration. A contra flow system in Birmingham Road was discussed. It is an obvious way into Cowes for locals and visitors alike. Val Lawson has worked on an alternative route to the one used by the Round the Island route, which is not so hilly. This hopefully would encourage people an attractive alternative to the Col de Victoria Road! This does involve having a contra flow system at one point. The Island roads representative was directed to look into costing of this along with the cycle lane in Birmingham Road.


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