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Dec 2013

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 16 December 2013
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Alan Bennett (AB), Colin Boon (CB), Val Lawson(VGL), Steve Archer
(SA), Alex Lawson (AL), Malcolm Ross (MR), Mike Marlow). Apologies: Tanja Rebel,
Andy Newman.
1. Agenda:
Mince Pie ride
How to achieve our 4 main objectives for next year.
West Wight Marketing Group Strategy
Cycle Forum
Whitehouse Road
Those blue signs on the cycle track.
2. Mince Pie Ride:
Wroxall Community Hall is booked from 11am-1pm on Friday 27th January. TT has prepared a flyer, and
has sent info to Shanklin & Ventnor Hotels associations. MM has mulled wine & mince pies in hand. A
circular route is planned: out along the Wroxall – Shanklin track, then returning by Lessland Lane &
Redhill Lane. TT to establish exact route. ***TT***
Insurance for the event was discussed. ***TT/AL***
3. 2014 Objectives:
Road Safety inc Driver Education
Newport – West Wight route
All schemes planned by the council should include provision for cycling from the start
Youth Cycling club & events..
Advance stop lines to be sought, including re-instatement at Northwood where cyclists turn right into
Medham. Other locations: At Cowes Road from Newport turning right into Stag Lane. At Sainsbury's
crossroads in Newport. At Queens Road in Ryde.
Driver education: advertisements on buses ? e.g. “Wide and Slow please”. MR agreed to discuss with
Southern Vectis. TT would find out who to contact at the council. (Tracey Webb, Cllr Jon Medland)
On rural roads the white line down the centre could be removed.
AL said that Councillor John Medland provided a “Rights of Way Development” document which he used
for his talk to the Cyclewight AGM (the time available was short). This lists policies already in place which
should be implemented, such as green lanes and 20mph limits. Cllr Medland would be agreeable for the
document to be on our web site although the current version is incomplete. AL to follow up to provide for
VGL said there should be a blanket 40mph speed limit on the Island. MR said maybe there could be a 50
mph limit.
TT said that Whitehouse Road would become a racetrack when Island Roads resurface it. AB said they
may not bother to level the undulations in the road, and car speed would still be restricted.
SA asked if cyclist training is being pursued. TT said lots of money had been spent on training.
AL said advertisements need to be aimed at the motorist. Motorists often do not realise that cyclists may
be commuting rather than indulging in a sport. Paying “road tax” (actually car tax) does not mean
motorists own the road.
MR said that the pedestrian crossing near Osbourne House is very close to the bend and motorists do
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not realise until very late that is there.
SA said he sees many cyclists without lights or high-viz at night.
4. West Wight Marketing Group:
Last year the WWMG sponsored the Ramblers Association, who had events linked with the group. Can
we do similar? TT went to their last event and has met David Ballard. SA has meet DB, and suggested
they may want to fund something for us. The way forward is uncertain at the moment. SA suggested that
we provide on the website maps of West Wight cycling routes which would pass close to businesses
which support the WWMG. AL said he had seen a map of these locations, and that people had outlined
circular routes in west Wight on a map at our AGM. AB said he would look into producing maps which
would be downloadable from the website. Also he would put their events on the calendar. The next
WWMG event is a Brighstone Barnacles concert on 19 January.
5. LSTF:
TT has visited the work in progress on the track at Wroxall. There are poles erected at the start for
shared use notices which we anticipate will apply 10mph limits on cycling, as on the Cowes Newport
track. This restriction is excessive. It was also noted that blue notices are advisory, like the Highway
Code. We will write to Cllr Medland.
The Cowes-Newport is council owned footpath with permissive cycling. VGL said horses were using the
track which gave rise to nervousness on the part of other users, especially when on the bridge. She
understood that this was not allowed therefore not covered by insurance. However TT has been told by
Jennine Gardner that horses were allowed. SA said an item in the CTC magazine said is was difficult in
law to establish the control a horse rider has over the horse in the event of an accident.
6. Cycle Forum
The next meeting is on Wednesday 12 February at 6pm at the Fire & Rescue HQ on 14 February.
Circulate invitation.
7. AOB
# AB noted that in many places gardens have been established on rail trackbed, and after 30 years this
becomes legal ownership.
# West Wight Route (Post Meeting Note): The Sustrans survey & report has been received for the
Gunville Greenway. TT and Gian Giblett met with the Chair of the Victoria Recreation Grounds and the
Governors of the school to explain the scheme and request their agreement..
# Next Meeting TBA.
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