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Ideas for the future

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ANNEX: Proposals from the IW Cycle Forum
Collated by Councillor John Medland from meeting on 1 October 2013.
1. New cycle-route Newport-Yarmouth, particularly Newport to Five Houses. Complete railway route by
2. Upgrade of other former railway lines into cycle routes.
3. Round the Island off-road cycle-route.
4. Cross Cowes route.
5. Newport to Ryde route.
6. Utility of a route from Stag Lane to Colmans Lane through Parkhurst Forest.
7. Complete connections of cycle-routes into a network.
8. Link the cycle network to the tourist attractions.
9. Create a cycle route from Freshwater to Freshwater Bay.
10. Better surface maintenance.
11. Promote appropriate footpaths to the status of bridleways/cycleways.
12. Develop a “green lane” status for bridleways and cycleways.
13. Improved signage for cyclists.
14. Signage and re-route traffic away from cycling roads.
15. Signage of safe speeds to drivers for oncoming corners.
16. Resurfacing of rural roads used by cyclists.
17. Improved terminals/junctions onto roads for cycleways and bridleways.
18. Improve visibility of junctions to oncoming traffic.
19. Extension of “quiet lanes” and 20MPH urban roads.
20. Adoption of 20MPH urban and 40MPH rural roads.
21. Indicate safe speeds to take corners on rural lanes used by non-motor traffic.
22. Development of urban cycle-paths.
23. Restriction of vehicle width on narrow rural lanes.
24. Cycle path consideration in all planning of all new roadworks.
Road Safety
1. Greater general education on road safety.
2. All children should do Bike-Ability training.
3. Dedicated small children’s cycling circuits in parks.
4. Better education for the parents of primary school children.
5. Introduce combined parents and children’s cycle ride into school training.
6. Better education of the driving public.
7. Make cycling awareness training compulsory for HGV trainees as in London.
8. More support for sports cycling clubs.
9. Support for the creation of a junior cycling club.
1. A concrete oval cycle-track for competitive cycling (Sandown, Smallbrook?)
2. Major cycle race on the IW.
3. First aid training for volunteers who enable the event.
4. A Cyclist of the Year competition.
5. Greater marketing of cycling on the Island.
1. New publication for visiting cyclists with general information.
2. Cycling clubs to each contribute to a book on IW cycling. (Take French “Voies Vertes” publications as
an example.)
3. Need for a new cycle-route map.
4. Greater publicity both here and for tourism to promote cycling.
5. Improvement of cycle access and storage with cross-Solent companies.


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