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Jan 2014

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 22 January 2014
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Steve Archer (SA), Alex Lawson (AL), Malcolm Ross (MR), Mike
Marlow (MM), George Wilks (GW). Apologies: Colin Boon, Val Lawson, Tanja Rebel,
Andy Newman.
Signs for Cycle Paths
West Wight Marketing Group ride
Names for rides on the Island.
Gunville Greenway:
1. Membership:
Mrs Hopkinson-Woolley donated £25 towards mince pie ride. Membership subs of £40 also received. If
newsletter no longer distributed by post due to cost then we may not receive subs in future. It was
decided to have one more newsletter & to keep posting copies to some members. We would ask people
to send their email addresses in the next newsletter. It would then be possible to remind people to renew
their Cyclewight membership.
The mince pie ride took place following the new Wroxall-Shanklin multi-use path. It was based at Wroxall
Community Centre and was covered in the County Press.
2. Signs for Cycle Paths:
Posts have been erected for signs at the Wroxall-Shanklin multi-use path. TT
contacted the Council regarding the message to be given. Our input is to be
considered, and TT circulated examples of signs in multi-use paths
elsewhere. Agreed on National Cycle Network example: “SHARE THE PATH.
Please be considerate to other users. Please keep dogs under control.”, with
image of walker, cyclist and horse-rider.
3. West Wight Marketing Group ride:
We have met David Ballard the organiser of West Wight Marketing Group. They hold regular “Sunday at
Three” events:
http://westwight.com/about-west-wight/community/things-to-do/sunday-at-three/ . On 19
January the Brighstone Barnacles performed, and Sheriff Mary Case presided. Funds raised at this &
future events in 2014, once the costs of the organisation are met, will be allocated to benefit cycling in
West Wight. At last committee meeting AB agreed to produce a map showing routes between WWMG
member businesses, and a draft version is available. *
SA suggested cycle racks with WWMG logo. TT proposed a ride shared with their members to exchange
ideas. John Allen's business would be a starting point. AL said supporting toilets was of importance for
touring cyclists.
4. Names for rides on the Island:
The LSTF and DMO (tourism) have been planning publicity to attract visitors to the Island. Those who
stay for a short break of a few days are seen as most beneficial, rather than those who might go round
the Island in a day. TT showed a publicity postcard, and a list of titles proposed for various Island cycle
routes. Alec Broome has been riding off-road cycle routes to capture GPS trails.
It was noted that funding for the IW Cycle Festival will be reduced, and LSTF will take up some of the
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5. Gunville Greenway:
TT & GW were at the meeting this morning. The scheme needs to be promoted as multi-use, of benefit
to the community, and not sprung on local residents against their will. The key Council leaders are aware
of the plans and positive. Although Victoria Recreation Ground committee are against, Christ the King
school governors are much more favourable to the plans. There is an issue around ownership of land
leased to the school, while other land is council owned. GG will follow up ownership issues and have a
pre-planning meeting with the planning department.
6. AOB
# MR is pursuing the possibility of safety advertising on buses as discussed at the last meeting.
# RTI signage: A council person has been working on this. TT has talked to him and send comments,
including from Nigel Tibbutt, Andy Newman and VGL.
# MM reported that the cycleway bridge to the SE of Merstone Lane has been collapsing for 6 months
and is deteriorating. People often muck about with the temporary barriers.
# AL added that the Horringford boardwalk is dangerous in icy weather as it collects a pool of water.
Many people fall off here. (This was discussed with RT of Island Roads at the last Cycle Forum.)
# VGL attended the IW Council Transport Users Group. Closure of toilets was one matter discussed:
many are already kept open by local volunteers and closing more is proposed in the next round of cuts.
She has undertaken to contact the Ferry Users Group.
# TT attended the council Sustainability meeting and gave a presentation on cycling. David Howarth did
likewise for the Ramblers. There are now 13 Tourist Information Points.
# Cycle Forum: Wednesday 12 February 2014, 1800, Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service HQ.
Agenda: LSTF2 possibilities: Cllr John Medland
Visit Isle of Wight – the cycling promotion
Cycle Track maintenance
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