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The Council with "It's all about the journey" bid has been awarded another £1 million from the  Local Sustainable Transport Fund. This time the money is to be spent on "Revenue." This means that it is much more about winning hearts and minds. The money will be allocated on encouraging people to leave their cars at home or at their holiday residence. Monies will go towards 'travel ambassadors' and 'travel champions' who will work on the ferries, places of education and employment encouraging sustainable means of travel. Money will be allocated to adult cycle training as well as enhancing the Bicycle Island campaign, walking and cycling festivals. There will be grants to encourage schools and places of employment to become actively involved in the new projects. It is excellent to see that there will be fund allocated towards a safety campaign, "Share the Road." To see the LSTF project plan  Click Here...
Well done to the Council for having the foresight and the commitment to bid for this money.


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