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Mar 2014

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 13 March 2014
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Malcolm Ross (MR), Andy Newman (AN), George Wilks (GW), Mike
Marlow (MM), Alex Lawson (AL). Apologies: Colin Boon, Val Lawson,
1. Membership & Newsletter:
Tim was concerned that many people are using Cyclewight expertise without becoming members. Funds
could come more depleted. Tim has still to do the newsletter.
2. Cycle Festival:
This will be from 13-28 September. The Launch and the cycling cinema will be on the first Saturday.
Funding has been withdrawn by the Council: however the LSTF will provide funding. The launch is to be
in St James' Square. The Cinema is to be in Seaclose.
AN may lead a ride. Also VGL & AL.
Plans to have a Bikers Breakfast were discussed. Suggested date was Wednesday 17 September, and it
could be held in Church Litten or in the Town Hall car park at the bottom of Quay Street. TT will ask
Mari-Louise White for more forms and the possibility of using the Council car park.
3. Safety Campaigns & Driving Schools:
TT said there appears to be no overarching body controlling driving schools. Nevertheless it was worth
talking to them.
AL said Cyclenation Campaign Group of which we are members, have a lot of safety expertise which we
should be making use of. We have just received a DVD (passed to MR) with safety and cycle guidance
power points & videos which could be run on a laptop at bikers breakfast.
TT has been contacted by road cyclists who are concerned that cars pass too close. He noted we do not
normally make contact with this group. How can we promote this safety angle: one suggestion is T-shirts
saying please give me room. AN said cyclists are a vulnerable group and we promote safety. Also AN
has met Steve Jenkins, Operations manager at Island Roads.
4. West Wight Community Partnership:
The West Wight Marketing Group has become the Community Partnership. The “Sunday at Three”
events are continuing and collections are taking place. A ride to promote cycling, open to former
members of the WWMG, should preferably be held in June when the new café at Yarmouth has opened.
John Sole has arranged an Autumn Tints ride to coincide with this.
5. LSTF 1 & 2:
The IW Council have employed someone to prepare the bid for £1M for “LSTF2”. This is to be targeted
at the visitor economy, at island employers to promote journey planning & education of adults and
children. The bid draft list was circulated and it is to be submitted by the end of the month.
The LSTF schemes in current progress include the following. A section at the bottom of Quay Lane
Brading is being widened to allow access to the old railway line to St Helens. A short section of
bridleway adjacent to Fishbourne Lane is being surfaced now, and the greater extent through to Binstead
Church will be surfaced after Quarr Abbey have completed other work. The Ladies Walk section through
the Golf course was to be included, and negotiations are continuing with Ryde Golf Club to allow this.
However it has been decided that the route is too narrow for safe sharing by horses as had been
requested at the Local Access Forum. The Newport-Wootton shared-use pathway is subject to
negotiations with the landowner. The Newport-Island Harbour shared use pathway is about to go to
tender, and will also require some planning clearance so should be commenced in the summer.
Improved walking route and cycle route signage is in hand.
The Round the Island Map supply has nearly run out, and in any case is well out of date. TT has
approached the LSTF people (Philippa Daley) to ask for funding, but it seems their map plans are a bit
different from our needs. The map used for the RTI needs to show the new cross-Newport route. It could
also show an extra on-road route at Freshwater, more suitable for the road bikes now participating in the
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Wayfarers Randonnée. TT estimated a supply of 5000 would last for two years and might cost £560.
There would be a fee for revised artwork from the lady who prepared the original version. It was
generally agreed that this would be well worth doing.
6. Gunville Greenway:
TT & GW attended meeting. They reported that Gian Giblett has met IWC planners for an initial meeting.
They were well disposed and are providing a list of information that will be required. The cost is expected
to be around £1500. GW also has approached some of the farmers & tenants near Betty Haunt Lane
which could be part of a possible future route.
7. Website:
Alan Bennett is about to move to the mainland but is happy to keep running the website. TT asked if we
are happy for him to do so, and this was agreed unanimously. AL noted the home page has fresh
material that day.
8. Events & AOB
# A promotional event for the Cycle Festival will be held by Clare Crichison on 29 March.
# Riverfest, East Cowes date ?
# IW Cycle Forum: next date TBD in June. Previous minutes are on website.
# Tim wishes non-personal email as contact on website to make it look more professional.
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