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May 2013

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 23 May 2013
Present : Tim Thorne (TT), Steve Archer (SA) Tanya Rebel (TR) Steve Goodman(SG)
Apologies Hilary Thorpe (HT)
1. Gunville Greenway
Sustrans has now produced an accurate plan and costing of the route. It was decided that the route
should end at Alvington View as this will mean that people then gain access to the footpath network.
It was felt that the new Council should be approached and a more formal meeting may now well be
the best way forward. Other interested parties such, as Health Promotion, should be invited too so as
to gain the broadest range of views as well as the opportunity to access funding streams.
2. Cowes Sandown 10 year celebration
TT showed the poster Alan Rowe had produced and small amendments were suggested. A list of
people to send it to, physically and electronically, were discussed. Posters to be in colour. The aim is
to distribute it by the end of May. Suggestions of whom to send it to please
It was decided that the site needed to manned (sorry Tanya) from 9-5. Two people to be present
from 9-4. Please sign up for a time
. (All)
Points to mention to riders. (i) Surface is uneven in places from car park in Newclose to actual track
and (ii) the crossing of roads.
Invite all Councillors
Items needed.
A table (TT)
Gazebo VL/AL
The two cycling figures. One to be placed on cycle track, one on side of the main road.
Banner to be put up at front of cricket ground. Old banner (if I can find it ) on cycle track.
Notice at Shide about ride.
Some laminated notices for track.
A book of participation
First aid kit
A sign that says “Well done” at the end Sandown and Cowes tracks.
Donation tin for car parking
Anything else?????
Can we get laminated A3 posters for the cycle track
to approach Luisa Hillard to see if Council interested in a promoting the event
3. Council
a) It was felt that the change at the Council could be for the better. SG said there was
a much more positive feel at the first formal council meeting. There has been a
decision to go back to a committee system rather than a cabinet. This cannot
begin before October. It should be more democratic and it does mean that there
should be more people to lobby than at present
b) At present it is unclear under whose jurisdiction roads, transport, cycling, footpaths
etc will fall. TT/SG will try to find out. There is to be a Sustainability committee.
Luisa Hillard is the Chair of that and we should invite her to the next Cycle Forum
TR would speak to her informally and TT/AL to contact her formally.
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c) Rachel Mills is to leave the Council. This is very disappointing as Rachel has been
a staunch supporter of cycling since her appointment. TT to write to Stuart Love in
recognition of her work. In the letter we would express our concern at the loss of
Rachel and to ask who will now be responsible for her duties. A copy to be sent to
the leader of the Council and Luisa Hillard.
4. West Wight Marketing Group
It would appear the group have adopted us as their good cause for next year. SA to contact them to
see what we can offer them in return.
5. AOB
The LSTF fund will sponsor Cycling Cinema during festival.
Road Haulage Assoc are coming to IW at the Carbon Celebration during Cycle Festival with 2
TT attended the QTP. Points of note. The Area plan will be revised with the change of leadership
at the council. Morris Barton, who was present at the meeting, suggested that there were several
glaring issues to be resolved over the use of land.
The Island has become part o f the South Hants transport area, TfSH, in a hope to have a more
integrated approach. This should mean that the Council can apply for more funding for
sustainable transport.
NEXT MEETING: Cyclewight committee 72 Clatterford Road. Tba.


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