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May 2014

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 15 May 2014
Present: Tim Thorne (TT), Mike Marlow (MM), Steve Archer (SA), Alex Lawson (AL).
Apologies: Colin Boon, Val Lawson,
1. Report from QTP:
Val attended IWC Quality Transport Partnership on 13-5-14. Chair David Roberts, Councillor Ian Ward,
etc. # EQUESTRIAN: Tricia MerrIfield. Roads busy 7/7, tracks busy. Landowners resistant. 2000 horses,
contributing to economy. Surfaces. Horse safety, working with Tracey Webb IW F&R HQ. (so invite TM
to Cycle Forum – see below).
# COMMUNITY BUSES: 3 routes well supported. SV & volunteers (10 months training). Social role, Dial
a bus. Breezer with bikes (LSTF). New bus timetables includes ferry times..
# ISLAND LINE: new rolling stock, steam trains to St Johns, Franchise extension? SWT not interested.
Money spent following flooding.
# ISLAND ROADS: behind due to asphalt plant & flooding. LED street lighting saving. Undercliff more
# ISLAND PLAN: Core strategy consultation imminent. Three area action plans. IMPORTANT that CW
and members provide views. See IWC website. *** AL circulate & ALL MEMBERS respond ****
# LSTF1: To be concluded by April 2015. Real Time Interface to be re-assessed? (new SV manager
# LSTF2: Addresses large work & school traffic. Bid entered, reply by end of summer. More staff to be
recruited. (CW provide supporting comments).
# SOLENT TRANSPORT, inc. HAMPSHIRE: Local Enterprise Partnership funding for large schemes. eg
RF Southampton, RF East Cowes.
# FERRIES: User groups Yarmouth, Penny Green (present). Cowes, Fishbourne & Ryde wip. Red
Funnel go-ahead & co-operative. Bikes on Redjet? QTP executive trying to get ferry reps to attend.
# Val SAFETY “Wait 5 seconds to save a life!” car sticker.
# Val SUSTAINABILTY (talk at next meeting)
2. Safety:
TT had met cyclists in a group who he calls STRAVA, who use a computer program to compare their
cycling performance. They wish to take action against motorists overtaking too closely, and accidents
that have taken place. At the suggestion of Tim they have written to IW Council.
TT wished to involve them with Cyclewight. SA asked what they want from Cyclewight? Is bikeability
training available on the Island? Also cyclists sometimes have to move further into the road to avoid
potholes: motorists should be aware of this.
Responses discussed included: car stickers (£1 each) and tee shirts (£4-5) with slogans including:
“Give me three feet” “Five seconds to save a life”. TT suggested to arrange with all cycling
groups for cyclists to wear the tee shirts for a week, with County Press to feature the campaign.
It was agreed to follow up these ideas at the Cycle Forum, where Tricia Merrifield would be invited, as
equestrians have the same issues. The police would be invited and may be present. AL noted that the
police had been invited to previous forum, and had emailed that they planned to “ have a day of
enforcement focus in the main Towns.....Additionally, we are also encouraging Island Officers to focus on
poor standards of cycle use. Particularly around construction and use offences and those using bikes
without helmets.” We may wish to ask the police what action they plan against law-breaking motorists
and cyclists.
Further discussion involved potholes: SA on the organising committee of the Wayfarers Randonnee had
reported 300 potholes to Island Roads, and had been told that they would be sorted before the
Randonnee. This had not happened.
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3. Cycle Forum:
To be on Monday 9 June, 1800, at IW Fire & Rescue HQ. As noted above, invite Tricia Merrifield (British
Horse Society & Bridleways group), also Police. Circulate invitation & agenda asap.
# Road Safety
# Police matters (what happens if cyclist hit from behind ?).
# LSTF & Visit Wight
# Island Roads
4. Round the Island Map:
The LSTF was asked to fund update & reprint of the Round the Island Map. They have agreed to provide
£750 and TT will now give the go ahead for the artwork person to make changes.
5. CTC Space for Cycling:
TT wrote to Councillor Jonathan Gilbey to ask for Council backing for the CTC aims, which are:
1. Protected space on main roads
2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
3. Lower speed limits
4. Cycle-friendly town centres
5. Safe routes to school
6. Routes through green spaces
Councillor Gilbey replied expressing support for healthy & enjoyable lifestyle options including cycling,
while also providing disabled access. TT will reply expressing our concerns about road safety.
The web site is
6. AOB
# TT said a Junior Cycling Club is to be relaunched on the Island. He will contact Alex Broome for
# The Cyclewight committee is short of members, and we need to recruit anyone who can be of help.
# Tom Ransom has been in touch with TT to ask for help with a cycling audit of IoW attractions, for
example Osborne House. Documentation of visitor experiences with respect to accessibility, along with
suggestions for improvement could be prepared. Some funding is available for this, either to helpers or
to Cyclewight. TR hopes to justify schemes such as road improvements from E Cowes to Osborne.
# Tom Ransom tweets on .
# Next Local Access Forum is on Thursday 5 June 2014. Jennine Gardner circulates notices of bridleway
& footpath closure. TT posts relevant info on Twitter.
# AL noted that the Shanklin to Wroxall track had been dedicated by the IWC as a bridleway, and was
the subject of a retrospective planning application in respect of its surface. Various members of
Cyclewight and Wayfarers had submitted comments in support. Opposing comments were entered from
local horse riders. However some horse riders expressed views that a compromise surface suitable for
mutli-use was acceptable. There is a detailed British Horse Society leaflet, Advice on Surfaces for
Horses in England and Wales. AL added that highways on the island have been surface with stone
mastic asphalt which may be a hazard for horses, motorbikes & cars, but not to cycles as far as I know.
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