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Oct 2013

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CYCLEWIGHT Committee, 24 October 2013
Present : Tim Thorne (TT), Andy Newman (AN), Malcom Ross (MR), Colin Boon (CB), Val
Lawson (VGL), Alex Lawson (AL). Apologies : Steve Archer, Hilary Thorpe,
1. AGM:
To be held on Friday 29 November at Newport C of E. 730-930pm. Meet keyholder at 630: TT.
Committee asked to arrive about 7pm. £15 per hour so meeting will end promptly. Tea break- disposable
cups may be needed: TT/VGL. Raffle prizes to be brought: ALL. Speaker has not been arranged.
Suggestions: Ask Tom Ransom and/or Will Ainslie and/or David Thornton: TT.
2. LSTF:
TT said that Tom Ransom has been recently appointed as LSTF manager responsible for delivering the
tourist side of things. Will Ainslie is trying to drive forward cycle track construction which has been
somewhat in a lull. A big chunk of the money has to be spent by April so this is urgent. The Wroxall-
Shanklin route closure to allow its completion has has been announced for a few weeks time. The
Fishbourne – Lady Walk proposals have been agreed with Quarr Abbey and should be contracted soon.
VGL asked when public planning comments are to be taken for the Folly development: TT said this had
not come up yet but Mike Lee was in the loop & would let us know.
WA is keen to get maps sorted. The existing TRI one is to be taken as a starting point. John Allen is
looking into the off-road round the Island route and will plot it on a map. WA is looking for suggestions for
good touring routes. Where to submit these? Email info to committee: TT.
MR said Southern Vectis had painted buses with the Dinosaur theme, but the cycle racks had not been
delivered as promised. The services run to the end of the month so the full facility will now be available in
the spring. MR noted there were plans for a Brompton Hub at Ryde. The consensus is that this would not
justify the cost and hopefully will not go ahead.
More needs to be done in terms of maintenance by Island Roads to cut back undergrowth. MR said the
Ashey Road was now safer for cyclists as this had been done and had effectively widened the road. TT
said greenery encroached over tarmac and cut width. The Binstead Hill pavement could be widened
making it possible to use it for cycling. TT had reported Birchfield Lane as in need of mud clearance but
it did not appear to have been done.
3. Mince Pie Ride:
Friday 27 December was decided upon. As Wroxall-Shanklin would be re-opened by then a ride based
on Wroxall Community Centre was favourite. Investigate: TT.
This should be produced within the next two weeks to be able to publicise the AGM. It would be mailed
this time, but postage had nearly doubled in cost. In future go electronic.
5. LIST of priorities
TT circulated a previous list in the agenda for the meeting. The Cycle Forum generated many
suggestions collated by Councillor John Medland in a list appended to the minutes (The Cyclewight
website version needs to be updated when AB is available). AN said we should decide which of these
are important, which we support but are less important and which we should distance ourselves from. A
consensus was reached as follows:
1. Road Safety, including driver education and repainting advanced stop lines eg at Northwood
where these had been removed in the direction facing Cowes.
2. Newport to West Wight route(s).
3. All schemes planned by council should included provision for cyclists from the start.
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4. Youth cycling club & events.
AN suggested we could extract from the Highway Code those parts relevant to cyclists which many
motorists are ignorant of. In fact there is a DfT Driver Awareness website which makes this
straightforward. AL noted that the Automobile Association has stated that the road fund licence is levied
as a tax not as a charge giving ownership of the roads.
(DfT Highway Code:
AA Driving School and BSM to roll out cycle awareness module to all instructors. New drivers also told
"road tax" doesn't exist.
http://www.cyclenation.org.uk/newsletters.php Cyclenation May 2013)
6. AOB
# The Yarmouth railway station cycle hub and cafe proposal has been given planning approval by the
# With respect to Gunville Greenway, TT has arranged to meet Brian Knight who is secretary of Victoria
Recreation Ground, and in December the Christ the King governors. The forthcoming Wayfarers film and
curry night is an opportunity to bring a low key update. Two images with bullet points and an outline map
to be provided to AN by TT. Note the objective is a near straight line from centre to countryside at
Gunville, and most of the land is in public or council ownership.
NEXT MEETING: AGM 29 November 2013, Newport C of E.
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