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Round the Island Cycle Map
The NEW map is now complete.
Feedback from people is incredibly positive
To download the A3 version
Click Here  for zip archive

CycleWight was formed to campaign for better cycle provision on the Island. We work with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group also participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

Make a date in your diary
Biker's Breakfast in Quay Street Newport Weds 17th Sept 07:00 - 09:30. Bring your friends and colleagues.

Cycling for young people
With the first Isle of Wight Cyclo-cross event just around the corner now is the time to get in some specific training! All you need is a bike suitable for off road riding and a helmet.
For when, where and who,
click here, to reserve a space call 823818 or email


Wight Cycle Hire has some panniers that they no longer need. They could be yours if you wish to pop into the shop in Station Road, Yarmouth and make a donation to CycleWight.


The Council with "It's all about the journey" bid has been awarded another £1 million from the  Local Sustainable Transport Fund. This time the money is to be spent on "Revenue." This means that it is much more about winning hearts and minds. The money will be allocated on encouraging people to leave their cars at home or at their holiday residence. Monies will go towards 'travel ambassadors' and 'travel champions' who will work on the ferries, places of education and employment encouraging sustainable means of travel. Money will be allocated to adult cycle training as well as enhancing the Bicycle Island campaign, walking and cycling festivals. There will be grants to encourage schools and places of employment to become actively involved in the new projects. It is excellent to see that there will be fund allocated towards a safety campaign, "Share the Road." To see the LSTF project plan Click Here...
Well done to the Council for having the foresight and the commitment to bid for this money.

West Wight Wheelers

This is a new group formed based in the Freshwater and Yarmouth area. They have started to organise regular rides on Wednesdays and Sundays normally covering 20 to 30 miles. Its major aim is to be as inclusive as possible and all levels of riders are welcome. They have a club top – so look out for them. More details on Strava or contact Adrian on 01983-761521.

Space For Cycling

The CTC has launched a campaign called Space for Cycling. The reason behind this is to "create conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere". There are six main points;
1. Protected space on main roads
2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
3. Lower speed limits
4. Cycle-friendly town centres
5. Safe routes to school
6. Routes through green spaces
We will all agree this list would be difficult to achieve. But more could be done if these points were a focal point of future planning and  when works are carried out on the Island.
There is a link on the CTC web site which will allow you to send a letter to your local Councillor asking them to support these principles. It is very easy to use. It allows you to modify the letter to give it a more local slant; so it is not just someone pressing send!
There are over 500 followers on IoW Cycling Facebook page. Guess what impact it would have if just 100 of them sent the email

Cycle Recycle

Any unwanted bikes can be taken to 'Innerspaces', 79 Place Rd Cowes 8:30 - 5:30 Mon - Fri, Sat 9:00 - 5:00 and Sun 10:00 - 4:00. The bikes are taken to the mainland then shipped to Africa where they provide people with transport

Make Cycling Safer

CycleWight has met on several occasions with a group of riders who are concerned with some of the dangers of riding on the Island's roads. It has been refreshing to meet with a different group of people who we have not previously contact with CycleWight. With our encouragement ten of them have written to the Council explaining their views of cycling regularly. We are looking at further ways to raise awareness of this issue. As has been previously mentioned there have been several ideas including stickers in the backs of cars, a t shirt campaign, taking councillors out on a ride and an article in the County Press which highlights some of the issues faced by cyclists. Any ideas would be welcome.

The Cycle Festival - 13th-28th Sept

The Festival is to be retained for the time being though the funding support has been reduced. CycleWight is looking for funding for the launch event. For the last couple of years St James' Square has been closed to traffic and a variety of entertainment has been provided. If you know of anyone or  an organisation which may be interested in supporting all or part of this, please do get in contact. The total cost would be approximately £1,500. As many mums say, "If you don't ask you don't get." If you are willing to offer to lead a ride would you contact, The Cycle Cinema has already been booked. There will be an event before the film to attract familiesl. Please put the date in your diary, 13th September. Any suggestions for films can be sent to Mari-Louise or CW. More information HERE

CYCLEWight Facebook and Twitter
CYCLEWight has now both a Facebook and Twitter presence. Please join us online to keep up with the latest information.



We need YOUR support to help us continue promoting cycling and campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the Isle of Wight!

Things YOU can do

  • Support Our Campaigns

   We campaign on local cycling issues and
    schemes. Join us, tell your friends
    write to your local MP!

  • Report Issues Affecting Cyclists

   Please take time to report potholes
    any right of way obstructions
    dangerous driving
    or abusive vehicle drivers

Yarmouth Railway Station

It is a much waited for event. The official opening is in early August. Not much detail of yet about what there is to eat - always an important consideration- but the appearance of the previously run down building will bring a smile to many. Just hope they have ordered some Sheffield racks!!!

Cycle Forum Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on the 6th June are available to read  

CYCLEWight Committee
Minutes of the Committee meeting held on the 2nd July can be viewed HERE...

Bicycle Island Bids

As part of the LSTF project, CycleWight bid to update the free Round the Island map. This is now finished and can be seen Here. In many ways it is very similar to the one in the past, the major difference is the busy roads are identified rather than the quiet ones. If you would wish to have a paper copy they should be in bike shops and Visitor Information Points by the end of July or contact us through the web site.


Several people have left the committee of late. We could do with some fresh blood. We meet as a group approximately once a month. It is not onerous. It would be good to be able to hear differing views. The amount of work you take on is up to you but it is always good for the work to be shared around.

Cycling opportunity for children

Over the summer break there is an opportunity for young people aged 10 and over to get involved in cycling. It will be a mixture of off and on road skills over 4 mornings. More details can be Found here.

Bike Bus

Southern Vectis have converted four of their buses to be ‘bike buses’ so they can carry up to six bikes at a time. The scheme is being done using LSTF funding from the council.
On April 1, one of the buses was at Yaverland to launch the programme. Members of CycleWight were invited to go along and to try out the new facility. Below is the link to the web page. We did post the story on Facebook and Twitter and it got a great response from all over the country. It runs until the end of September on a  route that goes round the Island
See here for timetable


Community Partnership.
The West Wight Marketing Group
has decided it can no longer operate in its present form. The phoenix has risen from the flames. The West Wight Community Partnership will continue to work for the people of of West Wight by raising monies for groups who are working towards benefiting the community, The Sunday at 3 events will therefore carry on. Please do support these events as they are raising funds for CycleWight. Details can still be found on the original web site which will not be closed down till the end of the year

Island Roads have recently cleared the pavement going up Quarr Hill. This is good news as some people feel safer using the pavement at this point of this very narrow and busy road. They have also started issuing a newsletter highlighting what is happening Island wide. Look on the drop down menu of IW Cycling to view the latest edition.

Fill That Hole Campaign

All cyclists need to report any defects in road surfaces. The CYCLEWight committee suggest that you use the "Fill that hole" campaign on the CTC website to report dangerous road conditions. The Government have given the CTC £30,000 to develop this app further.

Vectis Roads CC
The Time Trial racing season is well under way and is proving to be very popular again this year. Visit the Club website Here. Or you can view the club events calendar here

Signs on Cycle Tracks
Many of you will know that the signs at the entrance to the cycle tracks have led to much unhappiness amongst cyclists. We wrote to the council and provided some alternatives that we felt were more acceptable to all users. We are glad to report that our views were heard and some new signs will slowly appear in the coming months.

Road Traffic Police

You can follow the IOW traffic police on Twitter #iowpolroads. They provide a twitter feed that can be very useful and informative.


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