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Mince Pie Ride.
The Committee has decided that we will not organise a ride this year.
There are many other rides over the christmas period so we felt that there was not a need for another.
The Wayfarers and Autumn Tints are two of the groups over the Christmas Period who are holding rides.
(Details on their web sites)
If you are organising a ride please let us know and we will publicise it for you.

CYCLEWight is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

Council to support Cycle Delivery Plan

The Isle of Wight Council has indicted that they are to make a submission to the Department of Transport to support the Government's Cycle Delivery Plan. The plan sets out in a series of points which are felt to be necessary for cycling to become a much more integral part of people's lives. This is welcome as it is a long term strategy and it asks local councils to commit to the points in the plan.

As part of the submission the Council has to submit a "Vision for Cycling" in their area. CycleWight have submitted a document of what we think is necessary. See attached. It is good to see that in much of the Delivery Plan it mentions walking too. We would like to thank publicly the Ramblers Group on the Island for their suggestions to the "Vision" document. Far more eloquent than us!

Our vision is not a list of actual works - this has existed for a long time.
We do not know what the final submission will look like. One part of our vision  states that cyclists should be part of any initiative from the very beginning! Let us hope we see the final document before it is sent.

Read Cycle Delivery Plan  

Read CYCLEWight Vision   

CYCLEWight Blog

The CYCLEWight Blog is available here for you to leave comments online on existing topics. All we ask is that posts are relevant to CYCLEWights mission statement.

Wightlink Cycling

Wightlink have added a cycling page to their website, you can check it out here


Work has now finished on the route between Quarr and Ryde. A much improved surface should make it more accessible for all users and for more of the year. The work on the route up from Medina to Island Harbour is underway and will be a vast improvement to what was there before. It does mean with a very small bit on the main road it will be possible to  to gain a quieter cycle to Whippingham and E. Cowes via old East Cowes Road and then onto to Alverstone Road.

Space For Cycling

The CTC has launched a campaign called Space for Cycling. The reason behind this is to "create conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere". There are six main points;
1. Protected space on main roads
2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
3. Lower speed limits
4. Cycle-friendly town centres
5. Safe routes to school
6. Routes through green spaces
We will all agree this list would be difficult to achieve. But more could be done if these points were a focal point of future planning and  when works are carried out on the Island.
There is a link on the CTC web site which will allow you to send a letter to your local Councillor asking them to support these principles. It is very easy to use. It allows you to modify the letter to give it a more local slant; so it is not just someone pressing send!
There are over 500 followers on IoW Cycling Facebook page. Guess what impact it would have if just 100 of them sent the email

Cycle Recycle

Any unwanted bikes can be taken to 'Innerspaces', 79 Place Rd Cowes 8:30 - 5:30 Mon - Fri, Sat 9:00 - 5:00 and Sun 10:00 - 4:00. The bikes are taken to the mainland then shipped to Africa where they provide people with transport

Make Cycling Safer

CycleWight has met on several occasions with a group of riders who are concerned with some of the dangers of riding on the Island's roads. It has been refreshing to meet with a different group of people who we have not previously contact with CycleWight. With our encouragement ten of them have written to the Council explaining their views of cycling regularly. We are looking at further ways to raise awareness of this issue. As has been previously mentioned there have been several ideas including stickers in the backs of cars, a t shirt campaign, taking councillors out on a ride and an article in the County Press which highlights some of the issues faced by cyclists. Any ideas would be welcome.

Fill That Hole Campaign

All cyclists need to report any defects in road surfaces. The CYCLEWight committee suggest that you use the 
"Fill that hole"
 campaign on the CTC website to report dangerous road conditions. The Government have given the CTC £30,000 to develop this app further.


Several people have left the committee of late. We could do with some fresh blood. We meet as a group approximately once a month. It is not onerous. It would be good to be able to hear differing views. The amount of work you take on is up to you but it is always good for the work to be shared around.

CYCLEWight Facebook and Twitter
CYCLEWight has now both a Facebook and Twitter presence. Please join us online to keep up with the latest information.

Using The CYCLEWight Calendar Below

If you click on an event, you may find additional information, or a link to the location of the event. You can easily add these events to your own Google calendar


We need YOUR support to help us continue promoting cycling and campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the Isle of Wight!


Sustrans Ranger Wanted
Sustrans are looking for someone to volunteer on the Island. Are you interested. Details  on the following website;


Things YOU can do

  • Support Our Campaigns

   We campaign on local cycling issues and
    schemes. Join us, tell your friends
    write to your local MP!

  • Report Issues Affecting Cyclists

   Please take time to report potholes
    any right of way obstructions
    dangerous driving
    or abusive vehicle drivers

CYCLEWight Committee
Minutes of the Committee meeting [Nov 14]  can be viewed HERE...

Cycle Forum
Minutes of the Cycle Forum meeting [Oct 14]  can be viewed HERE...

CYCLEWight Newsletter
The latest Newsletter [Nov 14] is available HERE...

Cowes High Street

A topic of much discussion in some parts of Cowes is cycling in the High Street. CycleWight were invited to attend a meeting at the Council to discuss possible solutions. A representative from Island roads was also there, The Town Council have tried to enforce no cycling in the High Street with the help of the police and by some temporary signs. The police have indicated though it is against the law they do not have the resources to patrol it on a regular basis. It was recognised that much of the irresponsible cycling is people rushing to the ferry This would be difficult to stop though there was an interesting letter in the County Press which suggested cyclists being directed onto the marina and coming out at the Harbour Office, This idea was rebuffed but we think it is worth further consideration. A contra flow system in Birmingham Road was discussed. It is an obvious way into Cowes for locals and visitors alike. Val Lawson has worked on an alternative route to the one used by the Round the Island route, which is not so hilly. This hopefully would encourage people an attractive alternative to the Col de Victoria Road! This does involve having a contra flow system at one point. The Island roads representative was directed to look into costing of this along with the cycle lane in Birmingham Road.

The 'Sunday Social' have been formed for over a year. Gareth writes. “We conduct guided off road mountain bike rides every Sunday and Thursday evenings. The  Sunday Morning Ride is from Merstone Station (Merstone Cycletrack) leaving at 09.30 each week. The  Thursday night ride leaving (for the present) from the same place at 18.30.  Trail lights essential. We are just about to introduce an all female Sunday MTB ride – the first being Sunday 23rd November at 09.30 Merstone Station. If we have enough interest it will happen once a month. Gentle introduction to off road routes. We do require a helmet & suitable riding clothes for the conditions, if anyone requires advice I would be happy to help. Our Facebook page is growing with new members every week. For further information please Gareth Shilton   077333 63035

Bicycle Island Bids

Picture shows interesting design of cycle racks at Vernon Cottage, Shanklin funded by Bicycle Island.
As part of the Bicycle Island project, CycleWight bid to update the free Round the Island map. This is now finished and can be seen
Here. In many ways it is very similar to the one in the past, the major difference is the busy roads are identified rather than the quiet ones. If you would wish to have a paper copy they have been in Bike Shops and Tourist Information Points since the beginning of August. If you wish to have a hard copy or know of organisations which would benefit from having some please contact us through the web site.


Community Partnership.

On Sat 6th December an information board about walking and cycling in West Wight was unveiled. The event took place at 'Off the Rails' at Yarmouth Railway station. The board was a result of the work of the West Wight Community Partnership. This year the partnerships good cause was CycleWight. Money was raised by a series of events. There are to be other boards to be placed around the area in prominent local places. Pictures show the board and CycleWight members just after the official unveiling.


The Council with "It's all about the journey" bid has been awarded another £1 million from the  Local Sustainable Transport Fund. This time the money is to be spent on "Revenue." This means that it is much more about winning hearts and minds. The money will be allocated on encouraging people to leave their cars at home or at their holiday residence. Monies will go towards 'travel ambassadors' and 'travel champions' who will work on the ferries, places of education and employment encouraging sustainable means of travel. Money will be allocated to adult cycle training as well as enhancing the Bicycle Island campaign, walking and cycling festivals. There will be grants to encourage schools and places of employment to become actively involved in the new projects. It is excellent to see that there will be fund allocated towards a safety campaign, "Share the Road." To see the LSTF project plan  Click Here...
Well done to the Council for having the foresight and the commitment to bid for this money.

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