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Organising an event?
Several times of late we have been asked about organising events on public rights of way
We have received some guidance from the Rights of Way team at the Council and have published it here.

CYCLEWight is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

The SpyVelo CX Cup

A new and exciting event for the cycling fraternity to support. Read all about it HERE

Cycling For Kids
Endearing YouTube video showing a young girl being taight to cycle without stabilisers for the first time  Click here to view

CYCLEWight Facebook Group

For a while CYCLEWight has been using a personal account. We should be on a Group type account and this has now been established here; and is accepting new members. The other two slightly confusing personal accounts will be closed some time this weekend.

Red Squirrel Trail

Everything you need to enjoy this fantastic cycle experience, from printable maps to GPS files can be found on the new website HERE

Cyclists' Breakfast
Two in one year! St Mary's Hospital held a breakfast to encourage people to travel to work in a sustainable way. People who arrived by bike,bus or walked were given a free breakfast. As it was winter hot food was on offer. None of those croissant type things- this was bacon rolls - a proper job. Cw helped to publicise the event. It was open to all people who worked in the area and several people dropped in on their way to work. Or was it just the smell of cooking bacon. Of course as it was at the hospital it was very healthy bacon! This event was partly funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund which is administered by the Chamber of Commerce.
"A happy cyclist at the hospital"

France en Velo Adventure

Problems For Road Bikes

There have been several incidents  over the last few months where a wheel on a road bike has gone into a drain. This has been in several locations, We contacted Island Roads about this. In some cases people did not report them so they were unaware of the issue. It is important that cyclists do report problems to Island Roads to ensure remedial action is taken. It also means that if action is not taken by IR than it can be pursued. This is a classic case of cyclists helping each other. Island Roads - Report it online

Something New
There is a constant search for new routes and to gain more access to the countryside. For the last few years there has been a stewardship scheme where landowners are given funds to allow access to their land with footpaths and bridleways. The list of of the temporary rights of way are not well known. They can found at
CycleWight would like to remind everyone that riding a bike is only permitted on the Bridleways on this list. Each agreement only lasts a specified time and the whole scheme will end in 2020. This is an opportunity for people to view areas of the Island that may well have not seen before.

Cyclepath Count Figures
This is a large document and can be viewed HERE...

LSTF/ Bicycle Island gallery

Follow this link to pictures of some of the different projects delivered via the LSTF and Bicycle Island grants.

Several people have left the committee of late. We could do with some fresh blood. We meet as a group approximately once a month. It is not onerous. It would be good to be able to hear differing views. The amount of work you take on is up to you but it is always good for the work to be shared around.

CYCLEWight Facebook and Twitter
CYCLEWight has now both a Facebook and Twitter presence. Please join us online to keep up with the latest information.

Using The CYCLEWight Calendar Below

If you click on an event, you may find additional information, or a link to the location of the event. You can easily add these events to your own Google calendar

Things YOU can do
Support Our Campaigns
   We campaign on local cycling issues and
    schemes. Join us, tell your friends
    write to your local MP!
Report Issues Affecting Cyclists
   Please take time to report potholes
    any right of way obstructions
    dangerous driving
    or abusive vehicle drivers



We need YOUR support to help us continue promoting cycling and campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the Isle of Wight! Click here to view


Island Bikeworks
This has come to our notice. Sounds a great idea for busy people.  A clear web site too. Mobile Cycle Mechanic. Nick Blake is owner and mechanic at Island Bikeworks, a small, independent Mobile Cycle Mechanic business offering repairs and servicing on all makes and models of bike islandwide.  Tel: 07926 523453 or 01983 528289

Quarr Hill
One of the real bug bear for many cyclists is this spot. It is narrow and being a busy road cars do try to squeeze past. Even the fit struggle up the steep incline. Many of us can see an easy solution to this; a joint use path. The pavement is already there and it is rarely used by pedestrians. A dropped kerb at the bottom would allow ease of access. CycleWight has raised this before. It is now time to have another try. The Council is as we know strapped for cash but this is very cheap and easy. How to achieve it? The issue needs to be raised again. Can you write to the the following 3 councillors whose ward all are in or close to Quarr Hill? A short e-mail will do the trick. Highlight the danger to the cyclist, the fact it will help motorists and this is an easy solution to the problem.,,   If you do not hear from them after a couple of weeks do write again to check up on the progress of your letter. As can be seen from the Shalfleet traffic lights issue it may not be sorted over night but you have to begin somewhere.

Sun Sea & Cycling

News feed from this popular site is available HERE...

CYCLEWight Newsletter
The latest Newsletter [Nov 15] is available HERE...

CYCLEWight Committee
Minutes of the Committee meeting [Sep 15]  can be viewed HERE...

Cycle Forum
Minutes of the Cycle Forum meeting [Oct 13]  can be viewed HERE...

What a smart bunch of cyclists the Wayfarers are! It just goes to show how versatile and stretchy lycra can be.

Fill That Hole Campaign
Island Roads now have a new webpage for looking up and reporting potholes and road defects - click here to visit the site

All cyclists need to report any defects in road surfaces. The CYCLEWight committee suggest that you use the
campaign on the CTC website to report dangerous road conditions. There is also an "App" available for IOS and Android smartphones that uses GPS to tag the location of the pothole or defect, plus it knows where you are and will send the report to the closest Council authority.

This took place on the 27th of November and was attended by by 35 people. The Carisbrooke Village Hall proved to be the perfect venue with plenty of room. 
Tim Thorne the Chairman, gave a summary of the groups activities over the year. He talked about the work they had done with Island Roads, the Council and its various groups; Quality Transport Partnership, Sustainability Committee and Local Access Forum. Tim highlighted the various projects carried out by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund which will end in March. The group had hoped to obtain some funds for cycling maps, but this was proving to be problematic as they are finding it difficult to meet the criteria on mainland distribution. He highlighted how important social media was for keeping in contact with what is happening locally and on the mainland. With funding being even more difficult in the years to come Tim urged members to look actively for funding for the group's activities. 
Tom Ransom did a presentation on his work for Visit Isle of Wight and the Sustrans School's Project with. Tom having spent nearly 3 years on promoting cycling, had some good insights on where the group may want to direct its campaigning in the future.
Will Ainsley, who was the LSTF manager until his contract ended, talked about his new job with Traffic Technology. His presentation included  a demonstration on how the traffic counters work which are used on some of the Island's cycle paths. An example of the data collected can be found elsewhere on the front page of the web site.
There was a question and answer session to finish the evening. 
The CYCLEWight committee would like to thank all of those who attended and donations to the raffles

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