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CYCLEWight is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

Cycle Festival - 5-27th Sept

This year's festival is three weeks long and has even more events than last year. Over 80 at the last count. You can download the events brochure HERE. As with last year there is to be a cycle cinema at Seaclose. The great Isle of Wight public can vote on the film they would wish to see. This was a popular way of doing things last year and is being repeated. Follow the link below to cast your vote

Other highlights of the opening day will be a pump track and a junior cyclo cross event at Seaclose. Other rides during the festival will include a tweed ride, a ladies only ride and a bimble! As usual there will be events that are physically challenging as well as those which consist of an easy ride, fresh air, a chat and a piece of cake.

Problems For Road Bikes
There have been several incidents  over the last few months where a wheel on a road bike has gone into a drain. This has been in several locations, We contacted Island Roads about this. In some cases people did not report them so they were unaware of the issue. It is important that cyclists do report problems to Island Roads to ensure remedial action is taken. It also means that if action is not taken by IR than it can be pursued. This is a classic case of cyclists helping each other. Island Roads - Report it online

Something New
There is a constant search for new routes and to gain more access to the countryside. For the last few years there has been a stewardship scheme where landowners are given funds to allow access to their land with footpaths and bridleways. The list of of the temporary rights of way are not well known. They can found at   CycleWight would like to remind everyone that riding a bike is only permitted on the Bridleways on this list. Each agreement only lasts a specified time and the whole scheme will end in 2020. This is an opportunity for people to view areas of the Island that may well have not seen before.

Cycle Stats For The Island

We are now very familiar with the initials LSTF. Local Sustainable Transport Fund. As part of this cycle counters have been introduced to various places around the Island. The statistics make for interesting reading. For example Newport to Cowes, on average, has more than 8,000 cycle journeys using the track each month. Just think how much better that makes the environment by people not using cars and how much more healthy those people are. Hopefully these statistics will assist in attracting further funding as it clearly shows if you provide the infrastructure people will use it, .Some of the counters do record pedestrians too. On an interesting note there is something about a Wednesday! Now you have to look. Any ideas what it is -  please do contact us! view table here - scroll down the table to see all figures

Open Day at IoW MtB Centre
Here is a great opportunity for people to try out riding off road. It is at the Isle of Wight Mountain Bike Centre at Cheverton on the road to Shorwell. A great deal of time has been put into this site and it is a pleasing to see that there is a day of various activities to allow people to be acquainted with the various parts of the site. It is bound to be a fun day out. View full size poster here

Pearl Izumi
The long awaited Pearl Izumi event took place at Ryde. The weather was far from helpful but at the critical time it was dry. For those who were there it was an amazing event - a real spectacle. An intrepid reporter spoke to some of the teams at the end. They said it was a hard course made more difficult because of the wet surface.
The Business race , an opportunity for local people to have a go was excellent with Wight Mountain winning. Come on lads if a bike shop did not win it would have been a poor show.
Visit IoW made the most of such a prestigious event  by having the film crew travel the Island a couple of day before looking at various places. Thankfully it was bright sunshine!
Congratulations must go to Tom, at Visit IoW, Ryde and IW Councils. Much maligned but well done to Island roads who managed to finish the circuit and provided much of the essential support for the evening. Let's us not forget the other stewards who gave up their time and finally the residents of Ryde whose lives were disrupted for a few days.

Do yourself a favour
The article linked here is an excellent one which explains why cyclists often ride out from the kerb. Please forward it to anyone who you think may be interested or you think needs it!

LSTF/ Bicycle Island gallery
Follow this link to pictures of some of the different projects delivered via the LSTF and Bicycle Island grants.

Somewhere to stay

Friends from the mainland are great but do you want them staying with you for a week! We have been contacted by two new new places offering cycle friendly accommodation.
Shorewell Apartments

Several people have left the committee of late. We could do with some fresh blood. We meet as a group approximately once a month. It is not onerous. It would be good to be able to hear differing views. The amount of work you take on is up to you but it is always good for the work to be shared around.

CYCLEWight Facebook and Twitter
CYCLEWight has now both a Facebook and Twitter presence. Please join us online to keep up with the latest information.

Using The CYCLEWight Calendar Below

If you click on an event, you may find additional information, or a link to the location of the event. You can easily add these events to your own Google calendar



We need YOUR support to help us continue promoting cycling and campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the Isle of Wight!


Headon Warren

CycleWight has been contacted by the National Trust asking us to remind cyclists that it is illegal to ride on Headon Warren as there are no bridleways only footpaths. The National Trust are concerned about the safety of walkers and the  fabric of the land.

Countrywide Great Tour 

You may well have heard about this in the media. A group of people are riding around the whole of the British coast starting on 4th July and finishing on 5th September. 64 continuous days and 6,800kms. They are raising money for a wide range of charities such as Macmillan Nurses and Alzheimer's Society.You can be part of the ride when it comes to the Island on 13 August. It is being done with support of the CTC.

Dual Eliminator Round 1
Takes place this weekend 5th July. Call Dean on 07887-658-844 for more details or go to

We've gone continental!
As part of the LSTF funding final bits of work are being completed. At Shanklin railway station the steps have been improved for pedestrians and cyclists. People when leaving do not have a confusing one way system to negotiate to access the Red Squirrel Trail but instead they can go down the steps and take their bike down the constructed slope down the side.

Sun Sea & Cycling

News feed from this popular site is available HERE...

CYCLEWight Newsletter
The latest Newsletter [April 15] is available HERE...

CYCLEWight Committee
Minutes of the Committee meeting [Apr 15]  can be viewed HERE...

Cycle Forum
Minutes of the Cycle Forum meeting [Jun 15]  can be viewed HERE...

What a smart bunch of cyclists the Wayfarers are! It just goes to show how versatile and stretchy lycra can be.

Shalfleet Traffic Lights
After years of pointing out the issues at Shalfleet new traffic signals and detectors have been installed, which use, microwave detection technology. The new sensors detect motion rather than the old ones, which relied on detecting metal. The sensors can then give cyclists and motorbike riders enough time to get through the one-way section. At the recent Cycle Forum, Island Roads did point out that they do keep a record of issues raised. This does show that if people do keep reporting problems that there is a log and things can be improved.

Council to support Cycle Delivery Plan
The Isle of Wight Council has indicted that they are to make a submission to the Department of Transport to support the Government's Cycle Delivery Plan. The plan sets out in a series of points which are felt to be necessary for cycling to become a much more integral part of people's lives. This is welcome as it is a long term strategy and it asks local councils to commit to the points in the plan.
As part of the submission the Council has to submit a "Vision for Cycling" in their area. CycleWight have submitted a document of what we think is necessary. See attached. It is good to see that in much of the Delivery Plan it mentions walking too. We would like to thank publicly the Ramblers Group on the Island for their suggestions to the "Vision" document. Far more eloquent than us!
Our vision is not a list of actual works - this has existed for a long time.
We do not know what the final submission will look like. One part of our vision  states that cyclists should be part of any initiative from the very beginning! Let us hope we see the final document before it is sent.
Read Cycle Delivery Plan HERE....
Read CYCLEWight Vision HERE....

Fill That Hole Campaign
Island Roads now have a new webpage for looking up and reporting potholes and road defects - click here to visit the site

All cyclists need to report any defects in road surfaces. The CYCLEWight committee suggest that you use the
campaign on the CTC website to report dangerous road conditions. There is also an "App" available for IOS and Android smartphones that uses GPS to tag the location of the pothole or defect, plus it knows where you are and will send the report to the closest Council authority.

Things YOU can do
Support Our Campaigns
   We campaign on local cycling issues and
    schemes. Join us, tell your friends
    write to your local MP!
Report Issues Affecting Cyclists
   Please take time to report potholes
    any right of way obstructions
    dangerous driving
    or abusive vehicle drivers

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