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LCWIP Document

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The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan has been approved by the Department of Transport and has now become part of Council policy. The government wanted each local authority to draw up a walking and cycling plan for its area.  We are led to believe that in comparison to other LCWIPs from around the country ours compares very favourably. CW provided much of the background information for the plan.
A decision was made that the plan was not to cover the whole of the Island but to concentrate on Ryde and Newport because of the way the task was set out by the government. It comprises of a general plan and then several indexes covering walking and cycling routes in both towns. The document does not come with resources but is to be used as a tool be to seek funding. We have written to the council to congratulate them. We have also pointed out that there should be mention that the LCWIP's proposals are part of a strategic cycle network for the whole Island and any work carried out  links to that network. Secondly that the LCWIP should be seen as a template for other areas to follow to ensure that the Island has a comprehensive  and consistent walking and cycling plan.
*January 2022 Update*
Local Town and Parish councils were invited to apply for a grant to assist them in writing a LCWIP for their area. Some councils have joined with their neighbours in their applications. So far we have heard Cowes, Gunrard and Northwood are joining together and St Helen's, Bembridge and Brading  are also submitting a joint bid. CycleWight has been actively supporting Councils in their applications.
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