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Update 10 04 2023

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Dear Members
We are excited to send you the details of our 30th celebration. We do hope you will come and join in with some of the events and bring along your friends, neighbours and relatives. As it is Randonnee weekend it should be wheelie good!
We have attached a poster and a programme of events. Please do share it amongst as many people as possible. If you would like a poster to put up somewhere just print it, or we will get one to you.
The Blackwater saga goes on. We have heard back from Island Roads but it did not really explain why the section repaired was chosen when there were far worse places elsewhere. The good news is that they are trying to resolve the flooding. There have been some other repairs on the network, but nowhere near enough. We did send a hasty email last week to IR pointing out some of these repairs were scheduled during the school holidays!
The fixmystreet app is the easiest way to highlight any shortcomings in the network and there have been some real successes in work being carried out. There is a record kept of all submissions so it is good to let IR and IWC know when things are not good enough.

There are times when you see the 'Cyclists Dismount signs and it leads to confusion as they are often misunderstood, especially by pedestrians.
If the signs are blue, as in the attached picture, this is not telling you to get off but suggesting you dismount as there is a risk to you.
There you are. Blue signs are information.
The  picture is under the bridge in Newport.    

You may well have seen there was a brief flurry of articles about banning cycling on the Revetment in Sandown. This had come up at the last committee meeting and was picked up by the Island Echo (at least someone reads the minutes) who then published an article. This led to comments from various bodies and individuals. Most pleasingly, there was a statement from IWC stating there are no plans to restrict cycling. We have asked to be included in any ongoing meetings with regards making the Revetment a better space for all users.
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