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Orbea Gain


Yes, This an EBike

Orbea was the original development partner for the ebikemotion ebike system and was also the first to bring a bike to market with its lightweight ‘just enough’ assistance model for e-road bikes.
Plenty of the Spanish brand’s rivals have adopted the same system to make some of the lightest e-road bikes available thanks to the combination of rear hub motor and 248W/h internal battery.
Orbea has taken the Gain back to the drawing board for a complete redesign that brings its design in-line with the latest Orca OMX and OMR machines, and is offering carbon and ‘hydro’ (hydroformed aluminium) versions.

The subtlety of power
Full system integration and lowest system weight in the market makes the X20 system go completely unnoticed until you feel the 55Nm of torque.
You set the limits
New 236 Wh/350 Wh internal batteries which can be complemented with a 172 Wh Range Extender, delivering up to 200 Km Autonomy.
Intelligent fast charging system up to 4A charging the battery up to 80% of its full capacity in less than 2 hours.
An alive system
The new compact Head Unit information system includes BT and ANT+ connectivity, brightness sensor and 3D accelerometer, combining everything you need to know in a single light line.
Everything you need
The new torque and cadence sensor in the bottom bracket allows the eBike to accurately read each watt of power you apply, giving the user the appropriate response thanks to AI and Machine Learning. The system learns from you and adapts to your needs and the environment at any given moment.

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