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Charging Points

Isle of Wight  Re-Charging Stations  

The distance the battery on your  electric bike will take you depends on how many hills you have to go up and local conditions. You can vary the amount of assistance from the motor and the amount of effort you put into the pedalling both of which extend the range of the bike.
Below is a list of business' on the Island which are keen to see the increase in electric bicycle use as part of keeping the   Island   beautiful and have agreed that "ebikers" can plug in while they visit as a customer.

List of places willing to offer charging points to riders of ebikes as of 1st June 2021
          Wight Knuckle Brewery (on site of Pilot Boat). PO35 5NN
          The Gallybagger Inn PO30 3HJ
          Dimbola Tea Room.  PO40 9QE
          IW Steam Railway.  PO33 4DS
          Pedallers CafĂ©. PO36 0NP
Newport Area
          Blacksmiths.   PO30 5HF
          The Boathouse.  PO34 4AW
          New Inn   PO30 4NS
          Route 57 (Lower Hyde Holiday Park). PO37 7LL
          Carnaby Tea Room. (Saddle Stop) PO38 1 LU
          Ventnor Botanic Gardens.   PO38 1UL
All places have agreed to offer access to a charging point to riders of ebikes.  Not all venues have completed/returned the Questionnaire as yet.   Ebikers will need to provide their own charger.  There is a general expectation that, while no charge is made to access the charging point, the person using the facility will purchase some refreshments while their bike is recharging.
Cyclists depending on access to a charging point are advised to make contact with the venue on the day the ride is planned to check opening times (some are weather dependent etc.)
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