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Updating the list of ebike charging facilities on the IOW on CycleWight website.
An attempt is being made to update the list on the CycleWight website identifying places on the IOW offering charging facilities for ebikes.
The list is out of date and lockdowns have prevented visits being made to places on the current list to check whether facilities are still available.
While most of the current list is based on cafes and pubs, a new approach has been suggested to identify if there are businesses on the IOW that may be interested in offering charging facilities for ebikes in return for a small fee. For example, various enquiries have shown that some riders would be willing to pay £5 to ensure there is a charging facility that is accessible, secure and can be booked in advance.  The person riding the ebike would have to provide their own charger.  In many cases, batteries can be removed from the ebike and all that is required is access to a normal household 3 pin plug.
There may be owners of other types of businesses, for example camping sites, who may be interested in encouraging the green agenda as well as the health benefits that come from cycling.
If this is of interest, please complete the short questionnaire to establish what facilities can be offered, times the facilities would be available, as well as the costs involved. Also how the facility can be booked in advance.
Thank you,
Isle Of Wight Cycling Campaign
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