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Planning Issues

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A very hot topic at the moment in the local press are the housing developments around the Island: Pennyfeathers, West Acre Park, Gunville and Harcourt Sands. At present we have submitted comments on all of them apart from Harcourt Sands. This has been made easier with the government’s new guidance “Cycle Infrastructure Design’, which clearly sets out the expectations of new developments. In the past we have been asked why have we not objected to these developments. In general we do not as it is not the purpose of the group to comment on the value of individual proposals but only on the quality of the provision. Recently we commented on West Acre Park and also sent our submission to the developer, Captiva Homes and their agent BCM. They contacted us and we had two very fruitful meetings on the design of their site. It was excellent to have such a positive response. They have made a real effort to make the development as walking and cycling friendly as possible.

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