1. Freshwater 9.25 Miles - CYCLEWight

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1. Freshwater 9.25 Miles

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Download either the GPX or TCX file for this route. Which one you choose will depend on your navigation device. Here is some advice for you;
1. TCX Course Best format for turn by turn directions on Edge 500, 510. Will provide true turn by turn navigation on Edge 800, 810, 1000.
2. GPX Track - Useful for any GPS unit. Contains no cuesheet entries, only track information (breadcrumb trail). Will provide turn by turn directions (true navigation) on the Edge 705/800/810/1000.
Sorry, but we cannot provide advice for other makes of GPS device! 

Download the TCX file Here.....   Download the GPX file Here.....   Download the PDF file Here.....


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