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AGM 2012

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AGM 2012
CYCLEWIGHT AGM 30th November 2012
The 2012 Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 30th November at Newport C of E Primary, Hazel Close, off Sylvan Drive, Newport, PO30 5GD. 30 members attended. Apologies were received from Councillor Edward Giles, Hilary Thorpe, Derek Coffee ..

David Ballard gave a presentation on the West Wight Marketing Group whose object is to promote the West Wight, particularly for tourism. This group is largely made up of accommodation providers while including IW Pearl and various charities. They plan to organise at least 9 events per year, raising money for charities. In 2013 they are partnering with the Ramblers Association. In 2014 partnering with cycling organisations is possible. There are plans for talks on subjects including the history of the Military Road and Island writers. A preview event will be on 16 December at 3pm at Holiday Fellowship, Freshwater Bay.
Tim Thorne the Chair reviewed some of the achievements of the year. The cross Newport route has been completed and has proved to be very popular with people who have used it. There has been a significant improvement to the Sandown end of the cycle track, which has been raised to avoid the flooding which has been a problem in the past. Also this year the Newport to Cowes track has been the upgraded.
This is investment of nearly half a million pounds. We have to acknowledge the work of Rachel Mills at the Council and the support of her colleagues and councillors. At the end of the day Councillors have to approve any work that goes ahead. It is easy to point out the short-comings but we should also congratulate and celebrate.
The LSTF grant will begin to be spent in the next few months and should make a big difference to cycle provision on the Island. Though not much actual physical work has been done on the cycling part of the plan a lot of the design work has been done. Several of the council officers have ridden all of the routes and looked for alternatives. Projects which are expected to start soon include the Wroxall to Shanklin route and the Fishbourne to Ryde route.
CycleWight has continued to be consulted for our views as cyclists by various bodies, including IW Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the National Trust. We attend the Quality Transport Partnership and the Local Access Forum, which are IW Council forums. We are affiliated to CycleNation and met their representative for this area. We were asked our views on their work and what we wanted as a group. We are also affiliated to CTC and Sustrans.
The Cycle Forum has continued to meet and CycleWight has been very prominent in its running. Topics covered include road safety, IW Mountain Bike Centre, IW NHS Primary Care Trust support for cycling, cycling etiquette, Local Sustainable Transport Fund and cycle training.
We have written to the County Press on several issues. We have passed on our views that some of their headlines do not always help the situation.
There have been several junior cycling events which have been organised by British Cycling at Robin Hill and in the College Car Park. Members have played a part in these, as well as the events at the IOW MTB centre.
Cycle Training on the Island has been re-launched under the auspices of the IW Fire and Rescue Service who now successfully operate the road safety portfolio. It would be fair to say that it was CycleWight that made the council aware of the funding stream for this purpose. As part of the Wight Wheels Challenge there were several adults who took up the offer of cycle training. This seemed to work pretty well and is a way forward, though insurance is an issue as ever.
This leads onto Road Safety which has been a big issue. Many people were unhappy with the coroner’s verdict on the death of Kathryn Hollis. The Kathryn Hollis case is an example of the need to keep up pressure. We have all ridden past road surface defects, and said I will report that and we don’t - it is difficult to report every one. Complain and do something.
Next year we are aiming to see if we can work more closely with the Road Safety team to make sure their work is more targeted towards cyclist and drivers. Only this week Government has released more money for road safety improvements for cycling. The Times newspaper is running a campaign. Cities Fit for Cycling : we can all sign up to this.
Elections were held for the offices for the group. Results:  Tim Thorne – Chair,  Alex Lawson – Secretary, Colin Boon – Treasurer,  Derek Jackson – Membership Secretary. Anyone who would wish to join the committee would be welcome.
The presentation was given by Dan Roberts, who spoke about the manufacture of his wooden bike and showed images of his subsequent ride around Portugal and Spain. It was a fascinating talk and there was much admiration of Dan’s determination to succeed.  
Alan Bennett demonstrated content for the web site, which he had under development on the Vectis Cycle Club site which he also runs. It is now online replacing the current content. The Newsletter, the Cycle Forum minutes, and the latest Cyclewight Committee minutes are available to download. There are links to clubs, cycle shops and transport information. A calendar includes the Wayfarers and Autumn Tints runs as well as Vectis Cycle Club.
Suggestions & feedback can be emailed via contact us.
There is a forum which cyclists should join and enter into.  
Questions & discussion   
After refreshments there was a discussion, question and answer session. Topics included west wight lanes, cycle path conditions and dangers on roads in consequence of bad driving.  The raffle was then held.
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