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Wayfarers Randonee


Popular Cycling Touring Club, that organises the IW Randonee

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Wayfarer Cycle Touring Club - Isle of Wight Randonnee

2020 IoW Randonnee
We are very sorry to have to inform you that the committee organising the Isle of Wight Randonnee has decided to cancel the event for 2020, which was due to be held on 3rd May. Given the rapid spread of the Covid-19 "Coronavirus" in other parts of Europe and the current lack of clarity as to the extent to which the virus has spread in the UK we looked carefully at the measures being taken by other sporting events both in the UK and Continental Europe where event cancellations are becoming the norm. We also looked at the nature of the Randonnee, with approximately 3,000 registered participants annually, the inevitable bunching of participants at ports, on ferries, checkpoints and feed stations, the presence of staff from a number of schools at feed stations and the age profile of our volunteers, all of which present a level of risk to the Public in context of the nature of Covid-19. Our conclusion was that with public safety in mind, it would be irresponsible to hold the event in the circumstances and that we should make the decision and notify participants and volunteers as early as possible.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to holding the event again next year if at all possible.


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